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  • My WP installation won’t let me log out. Stays permanently logged in to the Dashboard page. When I attempt to log off, it goes to a blank white page containing no source code. When I click my Browser’s Back button, I go back to the Dashboard page. Also when I attempt to edit individual pages, the same blank page problem is also occurring there too.

    I tried reinstalling the contents of my wp-admin folder but that didn’t help. I also cleared my browser cache and tried using 2 different browsers – MSIE and Mozilla – on 2 different computers – same problem.

    I am running WordPress Version 5.1 which has worked fine for me up until now.

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    I have to wonder, when, if ever, support for ‘obsoleted’ versions of this software will fall by the wayside.

    Perhaps this will entice you to abandon this support question, and upgrade.. to “something”?

    I probably should have left the support issue box unchecked and not made this a support issue. If you would like, you’re more than welcome to remove this from support status.

    I would like to upgrade, but the new version was still in beta last time I looked into it, and I was concerned I might run into serious problems with integrating the MySQL database into the new installation.

    If upgrading is seemless and won’t put my blog out of commission for who knows how long, I’d upgrade. Last time I attempted an upgrade, the upgraded version completely failed to integrate with the database, so I ended up having to rebuild it from scratch.

    When I installed the latest version on a different site a couple months ago, I didn’t like it. I thought it was too overbloated – too many bells & whistles, so it hogged a lot of server bandwidth.

    I think I discovered the problem. It’s my Head META Description plugin – (R1.1.2 by Kaf Oseo) that’s causing the problem. As soon as I deactivated it, the problem went away.

    At first, I mistakenly posted this as a “Support” question, since I do have an older version of WP, but I changed the status to “Not a support question.”

    Sorry for any inconvenience.

    That’s pretty odd — I run that plugin on 3 blogs and haven’t had that problem. Well, they’re all at 2.0.4 WP though.

    I wonder if it was conflicting with any other plugins you have running?

    About the only way to test it would be to experiment with deactivating/reactivating different plugins. The only reason I want META description tags is because I read Yahoo likes them.

    I know I shouldn’t be running an “obsolete” version of WP, but I really like v1.5. I has worked fine for me, and I honestly don’t need all the fancy bells & whistles the latest version offers. I’m of the philosophy that old does not not necessarily mean obsolete.

    Generally I agree that old != obsolete. Looking at some of the hardware in my office supports that.

    But, not to be argumentative…

    There’ve been quite a few security fixes in the last few releases. And that’s typically a good excuse to upgrade.

    If you visit, you’ll find version 1.5.2 which I believe has some fixes over your current version. I dimly recall hearing of a 1.5.3, but I’m not positive (maybe it’s in trac?).

    I remember the last time I upgraded this version on a different site, my MySQL database refused to integrate with the new version – major pain in the rear! I was forced to log into MyPHPAdmin and clear all my tables, and ended up having to rebuild my entire database from scratch, as if I never had a database. My blog was out of commission for a couple days because of this.

    It seems MySQL databases are extremely touchy to work with when it comes to database integration.

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