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    Is it giving you a login loop or…?

    Yes, it’s just going round and round…

    This is in a local (MAMP) environment.

    I was using Chrome when I set up the multisite, I’ve cleared all cookies and history. I can’t log in to either the main site or any child sites using Chrome, but with any other browser it’s fine.

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    Lead Plugin Wrangler

    Have you flushed the whole Crhome Cache? It can be remarkably daft.

    Yes, I’ve flushed Chrome multiple times, deleted all cookies and browsing history repeatedly. I run dozens of websites, I do all my work in Chrome, and they’re all functioning perfectly well.

    The network site I’m testing out has no custom code of mine at all yet, it’s simply a couple of default WP themes (2012 and 2011).

    I simply cannot log in to WP network using Chrome.

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    That is … totally insane. There’s no reason it would just stop working on ONE browser.

    Try re-copying the core files on your install? Like a manual re-install, only without the DB stuff.

    Try re-installing chrome..
    I have some problems with chrome that went away by doing that.

    I have, multiple times. I’ve deleted all its preferences etc, completely cleaned it out and reinstalled Chrome. I’ve deleted all history etc. (a lot easier said than done, Chrome seems to be extremely buggy in this regard). I’ve reinstalled WordPress core too. All of this has been done very carefully, very thoroughly and multiple times.

    Nothing works.

    Try to close all other programs including Mamp, and then reopen Mamp and restart its services..

    Did you try restart your pc?

    Yes, my Mac has been rebooted probably 30 or 40 times since this issue began.

    try incognito

    I have, loads of times.

    try to use hideip or restart your router to get a new ip

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    Okay… here’s something stupid.

    Go to and make new keys.

    Just to let you know I have the same issue.
    Will making new keys resolve the problem?

    I don’t konw much about those keys … going to codex to read about them…

    Look what I found, the last solution solve the problem.

    So I typed directly:

    and I can login normaly.

    Hope this will help you.

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