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    After updating, I could no longer log in to my dashboard. I could navigate to /wp-admin/ just fine and enter my login details, but no matter what, I was immediately redirected to my homepage, and was not logged in.

    In order to access my dashboard, I renamed the better-wp-security plugin folder via FTP, and now I can log in as normal. On my plugins page, it lists “iThemes Security”, but it’s deactivated.

    I’m just wondering how exactly to proceed. Should I delete better-wp-security via FTP, and reinstall “iThemes” from scratch? Are there any other options?

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  • Same for me. I updated to the newly labeled iThemes a day or so ago, but after updating the latest, it doesn’t let me into my dashboard.

    I hope this can get fixed asap. Thanks!

    I have successfully updated on several sites, but one of them is having the same problem as above – I updated and was kicked to the site’s homepage and could not log back in. I Ftp’d to the server and removed the plugin and was able to get back into the site. I tried bringing in a fresh copy of the plugin (now iTheme Security) but as soon as I activated it I was kicked out of the admin and back to the homepage. So I removed via ftp a second time.

    Most of my sites are hosted with one company; this site is hosted at another company – I’m wondering if it could be server related in some way? This particular site also has some plugins I’m not using anywhere else – plugin conflict?

    Same problem once upgraded to 4.0.5. This is a bad development. Thank god I haven’t updated other sites.

    Oh, and I was not hiding the backend. But now it’s effectively hidden from me! 🙁

    Site is

    Same issue here – one site was not a problem, the next one I encountered this error. I have temporarily renamed the plugin folder now via FTP so I can access the site.

    Hang in there ithemes! It will be worth it once you get through the teething problems.

    Well I finally stabilized the iThemes Security plugin today and it updated and promptly locked me out of the website even with my whitelisted I.P.

    I’ll add the same thing. Each time it’s activated, it shuts down the backend.

    I’m having the same issue – but only so far with a site hosted on 1and1, not with sites hosted on Hostgator. Would love to be able to get back into my site.

    I am also having same issue with 4.0.5.

    Having same issue, however, instead of redirecting me to the homepage, it redirects me to a fresh login screen as if I never even put in my credentials. No error messages given whatsoever. I too FTP and rename it to deactivate it and I once again can get in just as everyone else is saying. I even went as far as uninstalling and deleting all files for the plugin and redownloading it fresh from scratch, upon activation, back to the same problem.

    I am on GoDaddy for my host.

    I had this problem not only in this latest update (4.0.5) but the last 2-3 updates before this as well (like 4.0.2), even before the official name changeover, it started happening out of nowhere.

    I have no other plugins that should be conflicting with this one.

    Also, iThemes, I do have the box ticked to send anonymous data to you for your plugin, maybe something you should look into?

    Glad to know I am not the only one experiencing this too.

    Update: I saw some similar issues in other posts referring to clearing out the htaccess file. I did so, reactivated wp-security, turned off redirect login page feature, saved, the re-enabled that feature which put the fresh code back in, and still I can’t login (without disabling/ftp renaming the plugin).

    FURTHERMORE, what is weirder is if I disable the login name redirect feature all together but keep the plugin installed and activated still, I can then log in just fine, but the even weirder part is the login slug I selected to be used is still in effect and it doesn’t remove the htaccess settings for the redirect slug, but yet it works (along with /login or /wp-login) and I can get in just fine.

    The problem DEFINITELY seems to lie in the “Hide backend/login” feature and not the entire plugin in general. At least for me.

    Anyone else confirm this fixing it for them? Disabling the backend feature found on the setting page about 2/3 of the way down.

    I haven’t used the “Hide backend/login” feature and I have the same problems as everyone else after the 4.05 ‘upgrade’.

    I’ve just renamed it via ftp at the moment, but there’s no point activating it again without an update…

    Can we get some form of official response to this please.
    I’d like to know what to do.

    I probably should have added before with respect to my situation:

    Hostgator hosting
    Linux server
    PHP 5.5
    and as mentioned, not hiding the back end

    I am ROYALLY [quack] about this. On attempting to login after activating iThemes Security I get redirected to the homepage.

    WELP, iThemes Security, you’re outta there. Plenty of other, better options available.

    Thanks to all who contributed a solution in this thread, while the developers maintain radio silence on a critical support issue. I’ll get into my site via FTP and delete the plugin, which sounds like it should solve the problem.

    Aaand, just quick update: I went in through my CPanel to file manager and obliterated the better-wp-security folder contents and now can log in again. The dashboard shows the plugin is deactivated.

    Other details of note:
    Lunarpages hosting
    Linux server
    PHP 5.3.5
    Did NOT enable hide backend

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