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  • Hello,

    I am a visitor of WorPress. I am afraid that this may be a super stupid question. However I and my friends all have the same problem.

    My question is: Why cannot leave comments on all WordPress blogs?

    I have been trying to leave comments on WP blogs for over a hundred times for the past two years. However every time I got this problem, I just left and tried another blogs (usually go to Blogger and Yahoo which they do not have this problem). To-day I came across this problem again. I finally decide to know what may be the problem for WP blogs. Therefore I register an account and post a question here.

    My problem is:

    Every time I fill in all the information in the Comment section and click on the ‘Submit Comment’ button, it goes to a bank field (usually goes to a page like http://www.domain And I noticed that my comments never posted there.

    There is no sign up or register link for WP websites.

    How can I leave comments on WP blogs?

    Best regards


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  • no one here can help with that
    I can comment on any wordpress blog that allows it
    nothing should hinder you, either


    Just tried to comments on another two WordPress blogs yesterday and today but still fail. Six of my friends also have the same problem. I posted the link and details yesterday but the post had been deleted.

    If I and my friends have this problem I am sure many people have this problem too. Why nobody not look into this issue seriously?

    This is a pity that many WordPress owners even do not know this problem. They just wonder why nobody leave any comments.

    Best regards


    Moderator James Huff


    Like samboll said, no one can help you with that. I can comment on other WordPress blogs, samboll can comment on other WordPress blogs, and millions of other users can comment on WordPress blogs.

    Ask the blogs that you can’t comment on to check their spam queue. Maybe your IP or email address are or were associated with a known spammer, therefore blocking you from almost every anti-spam plugin out there.

    Resetting your internet connection to get a new IP would be a start, but there’s nothing that we, the humble volunteers who support this free blogging platform used by millions, can do for you.

    It’s possible that your comments are being flagged as spam. What kind of comments are you leaving on these WP blogs anyway?

    So please don’t be too hard on Alex298. I’m sad to hear that no one can help, because I too cannot leave comments on other people’s WordPress blogs, including my friends’ and daughter’s blogs.

    Gabe, you’re right: my comments go to their spam folder 100% of the time. The only way my comments ever appear is when I contact the blog owner and ask them to look in their spam folder. Lo and behold, there I am!

    One particular blog friend tells me she now checks her spam folder daily, as I am not the only legitimate person who ends up there. It seems this is a problem for more than just Alex.

    As to the content of my comments, I post kind, positive comments. I don’t flame, I don’t use profanity, and I don’t include links.

    Is there no help for me?

    Try contacting Akismet? Odds are the blogs are using that plugin and that’s what’s spamming you.

    humm… perhaps you can contact akismet and bad-behaviour plugin owners, they might help you get out of this problem. try posting on some more blogs, use a different email, a nickname or perhaps use a sub page of your domain or a tinyurl redirect, and see if you can still make a comment…

    Thanks so much for the tips. I know my daughter doesn’t use Akismet, but others might. I just find it odd that every WordPress blog except my own sends my comments to spam.

    I have tried posting with different nicknames, but I’ve not tried using a different email or tinyurl. I’ll try those other suggestions to see if that works.

    Meanwhile, I’ll also remain open to other suggestions!

    Moderator James Huff


    The reason why you can comment as your own blog is that your status as a logged in administrator bypasses most anti-spam plugins.

    More than likely, your IP was last associated with a known spammer. Personally, I’m opposed to using IPs as form of identification for this very reason, but that won’t stop the majority of anti-spam plugins from using IP blacklists to help them filter spam.

    Resetting your internet connection may get you a new IP, and it’s usually as easy as resetting your modem. If that doesn’t help, find out what anti-spam plugins are active at the blogs that you can’t comment on and get in touch with the plugins’ developers.


    I took Ipstenu’s advice and contacted Akismet. They emailed me back that they fixed the problem, whatever the “problem” was. I tested it by commenting on a site I visit and comment at often, and this was the firsst time I didn’t have to email the blog author and ask her to fish me out of spam. Hurrah!

    Thanks for all the great advice. Glad one of the tips worked!

    Probably someone decided you were a spammer and flagged you as such instead of just moderating the comment.

    Post a few examples of the types of comments you’re leaving. You may be using some keywords or links that Akismet flags.

    Same problem here although I didn’t spam anybody.
    I wrote askimet but I didn’t get an answer.
    Unbelievable that it’s so easy to block someone !

    I found that “comment luv” can circumvent the problem.
    Add your URL in the appropriate box, when the link retrieved by comment luv from your website appears under your comment, remove the website from the URL section and post. Askimet is not able to check the comment luv links it seems.

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