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  • Hi everyone!

    My name is Chris and I am “voluntold” to complete the holy quest of making a website, “It will be fun!” they said… “It’s easy!” they said… The thing is though, I am new at this and within 48 hours I was ready to smash my monitor.

    Here is the problem: I cannot get WordPress onto my website. It is still, I would like (did that make any sense?)

    So here is a brief summary of my failures to help you understand what happened:(And please do excuse my ignorance of technical terms)

    -I watched this video:, but instead of buying a domain name on a Hostgator as the video suggested, I bought it on
    -I am making a website for a real estate company(a small local one), and I hate how I can’t use plugins and custom themes.
    -So I decided to do what the video suggested and purchased a domain on Hostgator using the same domain name. I then tried Quickinstall to install WordPress, but that did not work. Then I tried Fantastico, but that didn’t work either. (by not work, I mean that when I went to my website:, there was still no “plugins” option, nor any other changes)

    So here I am, not knowing what to do, a Nokia phone tied to the end of a stick in one hand wanting to use it to smash my monitor but thinking better of it. Help would be greatly appreciated and rewarded with cookies.



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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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