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  • Resolved the issue mentioned earlier in the “informational” post about the update (i.e. possible conflict with Contact Form 7), and chose to upgrade to the Pro version so as to retain the “filmstrip” style gallery unavailable in the free version of the plugin. We’d previously leveraged the NextGen Scroll Gallery extension to meet our display requirements. It is no longer supported and creates deep script conflict with both the gallery as well as the site’s theme (modified wp-creativix with no child).

    On download and install of Pro, there is no way to interact with the plugin. Meaning that there are no administrative options/settings installed with Pro. The only way I can get the administrative options is to install the free version alongside Pro, though the options that come part and parcel with Pro aren’t at all available and my only options are “basic”.

    I would very much like to continue my patronage, but this is unfortunately going to be a make or break for us.

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  • Plugin Author photocrati


    @adsoink: Few thoughts here.

    First, since you bought Pro, your entitled to use email support. You will probably get faster, more direct support via that route. Just login with your account information, and click support.

    Second, just to confirm, you do need to install Pro ALONG WITH 2.0. It’s not a replacement, but an extension.

    Third, once you do install, you should see:
    1) The upgrade to pro page is gone
    2) On Gallery > Gallery Settings, you’ll see all the Pro gallery types there.
    3) On Pages/Posts, when you click the NextGEN icon to add a gallery, you should now see all the Pro display type options along with the basic options.

    Can you confirm if you are seeing all that?

    If you’re not, can I ask if you are on a Windows-based environment? We’ve had a few Pro users not be able to see the Pro options. Regardless of Windows or not, if that’s your situation, you are welcome to contact us via support and send us your login credentials. We’ll use those to help troubleshoot the issue for you more quickly.


    Hi Erick,

    This request was put out to the larger community for the very reason that your reply adds things to the conversation of upgrade that does not exist in your documentation. As a long time supporter of all things FOSS (not to mention a frequent contributor), the severe lack of transparency in the support forums (and thus any docs supporting a given project) spurs me to put this in a public place.

    No “Pro” gallery types exist in the screen mentioned. To be fair, my initial post indicated “Pro” features do not appear on the Gallery Settings page. The environment is LAMP. Attempted an install on a local Ubuntu LAMP instance and received the same result.

    Thanks in advance for the attention and support.



    Thanks for posting your questions here so that others can read them. I am at the moment considering upgrading to Pro but i hesitate. Not sure I want to pay for something that might be equally broken as 2.0.

    The other option I am considering is to roll-back to the previous version of NextGEN.

    I am very fond of NextGEN scroll gallery.

    Look forward to your thoughts.

    Same problem here..

    Just upgraded to the Pro version.
    Site is new, clean install of NextGen 2.0 and Pro

    Same issues … don’t see the Pro options

    1) The upgrade to pro page is gone

    2) When I go to Gallery > Gallery Settings, I only see the BASIC settings.

    When I create a new post and add a NextGen Gallery , i didn’t see the PRO options untill i deactivated both plugins ( NextGen Gallery and NextGen Pro )
    After activating them again , I saw the PRO display types , but there are no Templates attached to this Pro display types.
    So it’s not possible to create any type of PRO gallery

    Since it’s still a testing environment , i reinstalled several times the plugins / databases / WordPress / themes / …
    But no luck so far

    Thanks in advance for the attention and support.

    System Specs :
    Operating System : Linux (32 Bit)
    Server : Apache/2.2.23 (Unix)
    MYSQL Version : 5.0.96-community


    Hey guys..

    Just upgraded to PRO and I didnt experience the problems described.

    However before I upgraded to PRO, i upgraded the NextGen today, and it basically “stuffed” up the galleries on my webpage (its a company webpage)… forcing me now to redesign everything…
    I’m not a Pro, but this did set me back…. ;/

    Trying now to fix the galleries I noticed there is no gallery button anymore while im editing pages or either adding pages…

    Is there something that I must activate somewhere? cant find nothing… :/

    Here is a pic of what I am seeing.. =(

    We’ve canceled our Pro account and regressed to the earlier iteration of the plugin as we started seeing deeper errors than what was mentioned above.

    Hopefully this plugin and extension will stabilize soon. We’d like to continue working with NextGen, but cannot account for such poor upfront testing with a version leap like this.

    Quick update – The regression steps do not work. After following everything to the letter, the previous version of NGG is incapable of –

    • Generating thumbnails
    • Displaying thumbnails in the Manage Gallery screens
    • Throws Safe Mode errors (PHP is not in safe mode)
    • Uploading new images

    So… due to the upgrade and the attempt at regressing to the previous iteration (done via FTP and not via the WordPress UI) the gallery is now useless. Any thoughts/fixes for this? We have new content pending that the filmstrip gallery is necessary for and now our hands are tied.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @adoink: We don’t mind you posting here, I was just encouraging you to email for more direct responses. Just FYI – we did already push a fix for those not seeing the pro gallery types when activating Pro.

    If you have Pro and have that problem, just deactivate and delete NextGEN Pro, download the newest version from the members area, upload and activate.

    Don’t deactivate and delete NextGEN Gallery, just Pro since that’s where the problem is. Deactivating and deleting pro won’t affect your underlying galleries. Messing with NextGEN Gallery will.

    @adsoink: On the rollback, we know that works and it’s been deployed a lot by people on the forum. But as a slight variation, you might consider:

    1) Deactivating NextGEN Gallery
    2) Connecting via FTP and renaming your nextgen-gallery folder via ftp
    3) Uploading the 1.9.13 folder in it’s entirety
    4) And then deleting the older NextGEN folder
    5) Reactivate NextGEN

    This will give you a fresh set of 1.9.13 files. As noted in other places, the one thing you don’t want to do is “Uninstall” NextGEN from the dashboard.


    @photocrati – This is time sensitive and your support team was not able to help us in a reasonable amount of time. I have deleted the user account and have no designs at this time of using the newest version of the plugin until it has matured considerably.

    As for the regression, those steps were also followed and produced no results.

    @photocrati – The client has asked me to re-establish our account with you and update the plugin. As was mentioned in an email to your support team this afternoon, installation of the NGG Gallery plugin creates a situation where permalinks break and all pages redirect to the home page. Nothing in terms of conflict reports to the Firebug console and nothing appears to be out of line.

    I can now see the Pro options in the before mentioned Ubuntu instance I’m running locally, but both my live sandbox and production instances give the same redirect error. Meaning again that every page site wide now redirects to the home page when the plugin is enabled.

    WordPress has been reinstalled, all settings regressed, the home page URL is not expressly stated in both the config file as well as the theme functions and still receiving the same result.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @adsoink: I just want you to know I’ve taken you details above and in your email and created an issue for the developers to look at. We’re resolving some path-related issues that may well resolve this as well. For now, you’re the only one we’re seeing with this particular redirect problem.

    We’ll get back to you when we have details.


    Update :

    After the installation of the new NextGen Pro , everything seems to work !


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