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    Hello @snurk,

    This might indeed happen and that’s why we have completely rewritten the plugin. However, we bumped into some issues when trying to push the updated version in the WordPress repository (most probably due to the GA API files size).

    As a conclusion, can you please try to manually update the plugin with the one found on our GitHub repo, here:

    Just grab the ZIP file from our latest release and install it in WordPress after removing the version you have now (probably 3.2).

    Please let us know if you still have issues with this version!

    Best regards,
    Pedro/Presslabs team

    Thank you for such swift response! You are right, I’m on 3.2.

    I have now uninstalled version 3.2, deleted files from control panel, then uploaded But oddly enough, when I try to install by upload zip, it uploads, unzips.. and then does not install.. =?

    Any ideas what causes this? It does not actually give any error message other than

    Installerar tillägg från uppladdad fil: (in english: installing)
    Packar upp paketet… (in english: unzipping)
    Installerar tillägget… (in english: installing)
    Paketet kunde inte installeras. Inget giltigt tillägg hittades. in (english: could not install, no valid plugin was found)
    Installationen av tillägget misslyckades. (english: installation failed)

    PS. I’ve used this file:

    But maybe I ought to use a different file?

    Plugin Author Presslabs


    Ah, you are right, that archive contains the whole repo. Please use this one instead:

    Let us know how it goes now!

    Best regards,
    Pedro/Presslabs team

    Hello again!

    This one works better, but still with some error:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘?’ in /my path to wordpress/wp-content/plugins/toplytics/components/Frontend.php on line 240

    • This reply was modified 1 year, 7 months ago by snurk.

    I think this is line 240 in this file:
    return $toplytics_result[‘result’][$when] ?? [];

    This error makes WordPress not install the plugin.

    Actually, it gets installed, but I cannot activate it.

    Plugin Author Presslabs


    Can you please tell us which PHP version are you using as well as the WordPress version that you currently have?



    Inactivated or not installed modules:
    module fileinfo
    module libsodium
    module imagick

    I also copy-paste some info below just in case something there is useful:

    Directive Local Value Master Value
    allow_url_fopen Off Off
    allow_url_include Off Off
    always_populate_raw_post_data 0 0
    arg_separator.input & &
    arg_separator.output & &
    asp_tags Off Off
    auto_append_file no value no value
    auto_globals_jit On On
    auto_prepend_file no value no value
    browscap no value no value
    default_charset UTF-8 UTF-8
    default_mimetype text/html text/html
    disable_classes no value no value
    disable_functions no value no value
    display_errors Off On
    display_startup_errors Off Off
    doc_root no value no value
    docref_ext no value no value
    docref_root no value no value
    enable_dl On On
    enable_post_data_reading On On
    error_append_string no value no value
    error_log error_log error_log
    error_prepend_string no value no value
    error_reporting 0 24567
    exit_on_timeout Off Off
    expose_php On On
    extension_dir /opt/cpanel/ea-php56/root/usr/lib64/php/modules /opt/cpanel/ea-php56/root/usr/lib64/php/modules
    file_uploads On On
    highlight.comment #FF8000 #FF8000
    highlight.default #0000BB #0000BB
    highlight.html #000000 #000000
    highlight.keyword #007700 #007700
    highlight.string #DD0000 #DD0000
    html_errors On On
    ignore_repeated_errors Off Off
    ignore_repeated_source Off Off
    ignore_user_abort Off Off
    implicit_flush Off Off
    include_path .:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php .:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php
    input_encoding no value no value
    internal_encoding no value no value
    log_errors On On
    log_errors_max_len 1024 1024
    mail.add_x_header Off Off
    mail.force_extra_parameters no value no value
    mail.log no value no value
    max_execution_time 30 30
    max_file_uploads 20 20
    max_input_nesting_level 64 64
    max_input_time 60 60
    max_input_vars 1000 1000
    memory_limit 268435456 256M
    open_basedir no value no value
    output_buffering no value no value
    output_encoding no value no value
    output_handler no value no value
    post_max_size 55M 55M
    precision 12 12
    realpath_cache_size 16K 16K
    realpath_cache_ttl 120 120
    register_argc_argv On On
    report_memleaks On On
    report_zend_debug On On
    request_order no value no value
    sendmail_from no value no value
    sendmail_path /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i
    serialize_precision 100 100
    short_open_tag On On
    SMTP localhost localhost
    smtp_port 25 25
    sql.safe_mode Off Off
    sys_temp_dir no value no value
    track_errors Off Off
    unserialize_callback_func spl_autoload_call no value
    upload_max_filesize 50M 50M
    upload_tmp_dir no value no value
    user_dir no value no value
    user_ini.cache_ttl 300 300
    user_ini.filename .user.ini .user.ini
    variables_order EGPCS EGPCS
    xmlrpc_error_number 0 0
    xmlrpc_errors Off Off
    zend.detect_unicode On On
    zend.enable_gc On On
    zend.multibyte Off Off
    zend.script_encoding no value no value

    Is it a problem that “allow_url_fopen” is off maybe?

    I can get full information apparently…

    ### WordPress ###
    Version: 5.0.3
    Language: sv_SE
    Permalink structure: /%category%/%postname%
    Is this site using HTTPS?: Yes
    Can anyone register on this site?: No
    Default comment status: open
    Is this a multisite?: No
    User Count: 28
    Communication with is reachable
    Create loopback requests: The loopback request to your site completed successfully.
    ### Installation size ###
    Uploads Directory: 705.21 MB
    Themes Directory: 25.83 MB
    Plugins Directory: 177.92 MB
    Database size: 75.80 MB
    Whole WordPress Directory: 1.97 GB
    Total installation size: 2.04 GB
    ### Active Theme ###
    Name: FD
    Version: 3.0.4
    Author: Erik Hulander
    Author website:
    Parent theme: Fusion
    Supported theme features: post-thumbnails, widgets, menus
    ### Other themes (29) ###
    AeMi (aemi): Version 1.1.14 by Guillaume COQUARD
    Ashford (ashford): Version 1.3 by Tim Bednar
    autograph (autograph): Version 1.0.0 by Afrothemes
    Carrington Mobile (carrington-mobile-1.1): Version 1.1 by Crowd Favorite
    Classic (classic): Version 1.6 by Dave Shea
    Constructor (constructor): Version 1.6.5 by Anton Shevchuk
    Default (default): Version 1.7.2 by Michael Heilemann
    Dulcet (dulcet): Version 0.0.7 by FameThemes
    Fusion (fusion): Version 3.1 by digitalnature
    Hybrid (hybrid): Version 1.2 by Justin Tadlock
    KineticMagazine (kineticmagazine): Version 1.0 by sin2384
    Luck for All (luck-for-all): Version 1.0.5 by Steven
    Magazine Basic (magazine-basic): Version 3.0.8 by c.bavota
    MagZine (magzine): Version 1.0 by Pupung Budi Purnama
    WordPress Mobile (base) (mobile_pack_base): Version 1.2.3 by ribot, Forum Nokia & James Pearce
    WordPress Mobile (blue) (mobile_pack_blue): Version 1.2.3 by ribot, Forum Nokia & James Pearce
    WordPress Mobile (green) (mobile_pack_green): Version 1.2.3 by ribot, Forum Nokia & James Pearce
    WordPress Mobile (red) (mobile_pack_red): Version 1.2.3 by ribot, Forum Nokia & James Pearce
    Savona Edge (savona-edge): Version 1.0.0 by Aslam
    Savona (savona): Version 1.0.21 by Aslam
    Spectrum (spectrum): Version 1.0.2 by Ignacio Ricci
    Suffusion (suffusion): Version 4.4.9 by Sayontan Sinha
    Twenty Eleven (twentyeleven): Version 3.1 by the WordPress team
    Twenty Fifteen (twentyfifteen): Version 2.3 by the WordPress team
    Twenty Fourteen (twentyfourteen): Version 2.5 by the WordPress team
    Twenty Nineteen (twentynineteen): Version 1.2 by the WordPress team
    Twenty Ten (twentyten): Version 2.7 by the WordPress team
    Twenty Thirteen (twentythirteen): Version 2.7 by the WordPress team
    Twenty Twelve (twentytwelve): Version 2.8 by the WordPress team
    ### Must Use Plugins (1) ###
    Health Check Troubleshooting Mode: Version 1.5.1
    ### Active Plugins (44) ###
    Accelerated Mobile Pages: Version by Ahmed Kaludi, Mohammed Kaludi
    Akismet Anti-Spam: Version 4.1.1 by Automattic
    All In One SEO Pack: Version 2.11 by Michael Torbert
    Bad Behavior: Version 2.2.22 by Michael Hampton
    Better Plugin Compatibility Control: Version 5.0.0 by Oliver Schlöbe
    Better Recent Comments: Version 1.0.6 by Barn2 Media
    BJ Facebook Popular Posts: Version 0.2.2 by Bjørn Johansen
    Broken Link Checker: Version 1.11.5 by Janis Elsts, Vladimir Prelovac
    Cimy User Extra Fields: Version 2.7.2 by Marco Cimmino
    Classic Editor: Version 1.4 by WordPress Contributors
    Co-Authors Plus: Version 3.3.1 by Mohammad Jangda, Daniel Bachhuber, Automattic
    CodeStyling Localization: Version 1.99.30 by Heiko Rabe
    Contact Form 7: Version 5.1.1 by Takayuki Miyoshi
    Edit Author Slug: Version 1.6.0 by Brandon Allen
    Fast Velocity Minify: Version 2.5.8 by Raul Peixoto
    Filenames to latin: Version 2.6 by webvitaly
    Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights: Version 7.4.2 by MonsterInsights
    Health Check & Troubleshooting: Version 1.2.5 by The community
    MailPoet 2: Version 2.10.2 by MailPoet
    Ninja Tables: Version 3.2.4 by WPManageNinja
    Peter's Collaboration E-mails: Version 2.2.0 by Peter Keung
    Peter's Post Notes: Version 1.6.5 by Peter Keung
    PHP Everywhere: Version 1.4.4 by Alexander Fuchs
    Print, PDF & Email by PrintFriendly: Version 3.14.4 by Print, PDF, & Email by PrintFriendly
    Relevanssi: Version 4.1.2 by Mikko Saari
    Search Meter: Version 2.13.2 by Bennett McElwee
    SearchWP Live Ajax Search: Version 1.3.1 by Jonathan Christopher
    Shortcoder: Version 4.3 by Aakash Chakravarthy
    Subscribe to Comments Reloaded: Version 190117 by Reedyseth
    Table of Contents Creator: Version by Mark Beljaars
    TablePress: Version 1.9.1 by Tobias Bäthge
    TOC For WordPress: Version 1.0 by Luke
    Ultimate Nofollow: Version 1.4.7 by 5fifty
    WebberZone Followed Posts: Version 2.2.0 by Ajay D'Souza
    White Label CMS: Version by
    Widget Logic: Version 5.9.0 by wpchefgadget, alanft
    WordPress Editorial Calendar: Version 3.7.2 by Colin Vernon, Justin Evans, Joachim Kudish, Mary Vogt, and Zack Grossbart
    WP-Optimize: Version 2.2.11 by David Anderson, Ruhani Rabin, Team Updraft
    WP-PageNavi: Version 2.93 by Lester 'GaMerZ' Chan
    WP Facebook Auto Publish: Version 2.1 by
    WP Fastest Cache: Version by Emre Vona
    WP Htaccess Editor: Version 1.55 by WebFactory Ltd
    WP User Avatar: Version 2.1.6 by flippercode
    Yet Another Related Posts Plugin: Version 4.4 by Adknowledge
    ### Inactive Plugins (9) ###
    Cookie Notice: Version 1.2.46 by dFactory
    Plugin Organizer: Version 9.6.3 by Jeff Sterup
    Revisionary: Version 1.1.13 by Kevin Behrens
    SEO Redirection: Version 4.16 by Fakhri Alsadi
    Smush: Version 3.1.1 by WPMU DEV
    Top 10: Version 2.5.7 by Ajay D'Souza
    Toplytics - Popular Posts Widget: Version 4.0.0 by Presslabs
    User Photo: Version 0.9.10 by <a href="">Weston Ruter</a>
    User Role Editor: Version 4.49 by Vladimir Garagulya
    ### Media handling ###
    Active editor: WP_Image_Editor_GD
    Imagick Module Version: Imagick not available
    ImageMagick Version: Imagick not available
    GD Version: bundled (2.1.0 compatible)
    Ghostscript Version: 9.07
    ### Server ###
    Server architecture: Linux 3.10.0-714.10.2.lve1.5.17.1.el7.x86_64 x86_64
    Web Server Software: Apache
    PHP Version: 5.6.40 (Supports 64bit values)
    PHP SAPI: cgi-fcgi
    PHP max input variables: 1000
    PHP time limit: 30
    PHP memory limit: 268435456
    Max input time: 60
    Upload max filesize: 50M
    PHP post max size: 55M
    cURL Version: 7.61.1 OpenSSL/1.0.2q
    SUHOSIN installed: Yes
    Is the Imagick library available: No
    htaccess rules: Custom rules have been added to your htaccess file
    ### Database ###
    Extension: mysqli
    Server version: 5.6.41
    Client version: mysqlnd 5.0.11-dev - 20120503 - $Id: 76b08b24596e12d4553bd41fc93cccd5bac2fe7a $
    Database prefix: wp_fraga_
    ### WordPress Constants ###
    ABSPATH: /home/fragadie/public_html/snurkify/
    WP_HOME: Undefined
    WP_SITEURL: Undefined
    WP_DEBUG: Disabled
    WP_DEBUG_LOG: Disabled
    SCRIPT_DEBUG: Disabled
    WP_CACHE: Disabled
    COMPRESS_CSS: Undefined
    WP_LOCAL_DEV: Undefined
    ### Filesystem Permissions ###
    The main WordPress directory: Writable
    The wp-content directory: Writable
    The uploads directory: Writable
    The plugins directory: Writable
    The themes directory: Writable
    The Must Use Plugins directory: Writable
    Plugin Author Presslabs


    No. the issue is the PHP version you are running. Please note that the new version of Toplytics requires at least PHP 7.0 in order to work, therefore you have to upgrade it in order for the plugin to work.

    Please note that both PHP 5.6 and 7.0 are end of life, therefore I suggest you to upgrade immediately to at least PHP 7.1, in order to be protected for security issues that might arise with these older versions of PHP.

    Unfortunately, until you upgrade to a newer version of PHP we won’t be able to help you furhter 🙁

    Best regards,

    • This reply was modified 1 year, 7 months ago by Presslabs.

    I got my webhost to activate PHP 7.2, i works now! Such an update, installation is so much easier in this version than the previous one! Thanks also for the quick help with installation!!

    Plugin Author Presslabs


    I’m very glad that everything works smoothly now! And thanks for the review 🙂

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