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  • I just ran across another problem. The shortcode for a post excerpt does not work.

    I have the same problem!!
    can not assign a category and button “inser shorcode” does nothing 🙁

    Anyone know how to do it manually?
    I tried post_type = “my-category” but not work


    I was able to get some things to work by typing out the shortcode, though difficult without any documentation. You’ll need to set your post_type to either “page” or “post”.

    I couldn’t get selection of a taxonomy to work. But, to work-around this, I was able to select by the parent ID number:

    [su_posts template="templates/default-loop.php" post_type="page" post_parent="49" order="asc" orderby="title"]

    Since I was creating a dynamic list of static pages, I didn’t want the timestamp nor comment tally to show. So, I customized the default loop template for use with pages and called it page-loop.php. To customize the code, I simply removed the two or three lines of code which renders the timestamp and comment tally. Then, I changed the shortcode to use the custom template:

    [su_posts template="templates/page-loop.php" post_type="page" post_parent="49" order="asc" orderby="title"]

    You could also use the teaser-loop.php template if you only want a thumbnail and title for each post or page:

    [su_posts template="templates/teaser-loop.php" post_type="page" post_parent="49" order="asc" orderby="title"]

    Hi David.

    I have a similar problem.

    What if I want to create shortcode of posts of a particular category manually? I cant get your code to work. please help. thanks

    As indicated earlier, I couldn’t get the shortcode to work for any particular category either. The best we can hope for is the author to provide a fix or any kind of reference documentation. The least will be one of us users figuring it out on our own and sharing results. But, given the lack of author input on the huge stream of support threads, I only expect the later to eventually come about.

    okay thanks for your answer. so we’ll just have to wait for the author then. in the meantime, i’m looking for a workaround and hopefully get back here with a fix.cheers

    It seems our question has already been answered on this thread.

    Grizzly Bear: Thanks for the heads-up.

    For anyone else still reading this thread, here’s the format example for selecting a category of posts:

    [su_posts template="templates/default-loop.php" tax_term="Uncategorized" taxonomy="category"]

    You would, of course, be able to replace the value specified for the tax_term property with any category you wish to include in your results. If you want more than one value, separate them with commas within the one set of quotes, like this:

    [su_posts template="templates/default-loop.php" tax_term="Art,Business,Science" taxonomy="category"]

    Also, if you wish to set a limit to the number of posts displayed, use the posts_per_page property as in the following example:

    [su_posts template="templates/default-loop.php" posts_per_page="10" tax_term="Uncategorized" taxonomy="category"]

    Giving proper credit, this resolve is thanks to information provided by member Suhakaralar.

    Can you please explain with the file location where I can place this code ([su_posts template=”templates/default-loop.php” tax_term=”Uncategorized” taxonomy=”category”]).

    Because my short-code ultimate plugin not working on taxonomy page.

    Rahul: Is the shortcode not displaying any posts at all? Or, is it only failing to subset the posts displayed?

    Hi David, I managed to solve with your tip. thanks for your answer!

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