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    I just updated to your current version and the paragraph tag is working, thank you.
    However, now I cannot add photo or graphic from the Add Media button, When I click on the on the button the process of going to the media folder and allowing me to select something works fine, once I select an item the button at the bottom right corner indicates to load and when I click it returns to the editor screen as normal, but it does not load my selection.
    FYI: It only does this in the editor for your “Add Listing” and when I’m in Edit mode of the of the pages I’ve created.

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    Additionally, yesterday when I discovered the problem with adding media files to the editor within your Add Listing page, I created several new pages outside your plugin and the feature works fine, so I don’t know what the problem is.
    Look, I understand you doing your best to improve this product, but if it hurts the basic functions, well it’s defeating the purpose.
    I know it can be frustrating trying to get all this to work, but try thinking about us a bit more and how these things setbacks place us in a bad light with the very business community the plugin was designed to serve.
    Make no mistake, I am totally aware this plugin is totally free, but I’d rather pay you for it than deal with all these setbacks of basic functions. I really like your product, its clean and simple and I’ve tested with elderly people who tell me they like simple layout and look, so bottom line is I don’t want another plugin, I’m committed to working through this with you, But please, do more testing before giving us updates that cause us to lose time fixing something it broke, or worse than that is losing the trust of local business people.
    I’m an old Broadcasting Veteran, I understand the need for good products and services and taking really good care of your customer base, whether it be our listeners who get the service for free or the advertisers who pay for our product, their both very important to our overall success.
    Thanks for all you do to make this plugin work, I really do appreciate it and you!

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    My latest discovery concerning the problem with inserting photos and graphics into the Add Listing Editor.

    I applied some creative thought and tried to copy a photo and a graphic from another Editor window outside of your plugin, and then pasted each of them into your editor for the Add Listing section, both photo, and graphics inserted and displayed perfectly.

    Once the photo and the graphic were pasted into your editor they were able to be resized and even replaced with other photos and graphics from the Media Folder, which surprised me. I hope this helps you solve the problem, however, I do have a basic workaround I can use for now, but we both know that is not what you want for this plugin.

    Thank you for helping us to improve the plugin, we are making great some advancement to make it more user friendly. we test is in different themes and with different plugin, still we miss few issues, Please update the plugin and you will able to upload files.
    thanks again for bringing this forward.

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    Yes, you are making progress and that commitment to do so is why I love your company and plugin so much.

    Thanks for the quick response and I’m updating and test it now.

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    Hey Folks ….

    Nothing new to report today, I just wanted to take some time to thank you again for all your effort to make this a great plugin.

    I know first hand about several paid versions of Directory Plugins that don’t demonstrate the level of support you provide for this FREE plugin, and like I said before, if you start charging for it I’ll be one of the first to pull out the old Credit Card and become a paid member.

    I don’t say this often about many people or companies, but I’m really proud of you folks, great bunch of people.

    That’s all for today, just wanted to remind you that you are very much appreciated!


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    Thanks @khinson6! We appreciate you.

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