• I had to move my site so I exported my snippets but now I cannot import them. I have tried many time with same result. I get an error…

    “An error occurred when processing the import files.”

    I have used the import function before with no problems, but this was before your major update and name change to Woody.

    Exported XML file looks fine to me. You can see my XML file at

    Please advise.

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  • Hello

    I guess that you clicked the import in the Woody menu.
    Let me clarify: you can export using Woody.
    To do this, you can select several or all snippets on the snippets page and click export in bulk actions. This will create json file. They can then be imported in the menu Woody -> Import.

    The xml file that you have is generated using regular WordPress tools.
    You can import it in menu Tools. Then run WordPress Importer.

    The difference between these methods is that Woody import avoids some common errors.
    So for example, if you accidentally duplicate code running “everywhere” or with hooks using WordPress tool, this can cause an error on all admin pages.

    Best regards

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    You can import it in menu Tools. Then run WordPress Importer.

    The WordPress importer tool does not have an option to import Woody snippets


    So how am I supposed to import with the wordpress import tool?

    It’s ok.
    * Click “Install now” below WordPress.
    * After installation, click “Run Importer”
    * On page “Import WordPress” choose your xml file and click “upload file and import”
    * After uploading you will see the settings of Post author and attachments. You may leave default.
    * Click submit, then check your snippets.

    Although the page does not indicate that it is Woody snippets, this should work out.

    Best regards

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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