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    I’ve been using this plugin quite happily for a while now. However, today my site started showing an unwanted album titled “Auto Backup”.

    I worked out this was Google+ ‘helpfully’ backing up some images (it seems you can no longer create new Picasa web album accounts without having G+). I disabled the so-called Auto Awesome feature in G+ which was causing it, turned off Auto-Backup in my G+ app, and deleted the images.

    However, PWA+PHP is still showing this empty Auto Backup folder. I can’t, for the life of me, work out how to remove it. It seems that once something’s been backed up, even if the contents are deleted, the folder remains.

    Can anyone help? Is there a way to hide it in PWA+PHP?

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  • Exactly the same problem here. I want to hide this unwanted folder!!!

    Please help!

    Plugin Author smccandl


    Hi All, sorry for the slow response as I don’t get any notification when questions are posted here. Please post your questions at

    Albums can be hidden with some easy code changes. Post a question at the help site for assistance.

    Plugin Author smccandl


    You can now hide albums in the Free version. Shortcode:

    [pwaplusphp hide_albums=’Auto Backup,Another One’]

    Make sure there are no spaces on either side of the commas.


    Sorry, for some reason this doesn’t work. Not on Autobackup, Not on any other album…
    I’ve tried hide_album (without -s)
    I’ve tried “….” instead of ‘….’
    I’ve tried the album name InstantUpload…

    Nothing seems to work. Am I doing something wrong?

    Plugin Author smccandl


    Hmm, it seems to work here with v0.9.7 just downloaded from plugin repository and using shortcode:

    [pwaplusphp hide_albums=’Auto Backup’]

    What shortcode are you using?


    The version I’m using is also v0.9.7
    I copy/pasted the shortcode you’ve provided.

    Still, the unwanted album is showing. It’s called (in Dutch) “Automatische Backup” but the link is …../?album=InstantUpload

    Must I use “Auto Backup”, “Automatische Backup” or “InstantUpload”?

    maybe a live example is better. On http://www.delinderte/fotoalbum the firts album shown is the one I don’t want.

    Hope you can help

    Plugin Author smccandl


    In this case, [pwaplusphp hide_albums=”Automatische Backup”] should do it. Whatever title is displayed below the album is what you want to use.

    Hope this helps,

    smccandl, many thanks for providing this fix. It worked perfectly for me.

    To bad it’s still not working for me.
    I can hide an Album with 1 word as title. But it seems like a title with two or more words can’t be hidden… At least, i can’t.

    Plugin Author smccandl


    @gorky5, thanks for letting me know, glad it’s working for you.

    @JurgenKID, maybe for other languages the picasa name, i.e. InstantUpload, would work better.

    Can you open dumpAlbumList.php and change line 198 from:

    } else if (in_array($title,$ALBUMS_TO_HIDE)) {


    } else if ( (in_array($title,$ALBUMS_TO_HIDE)) || (in_array($picasa_name,$ALBUMS_TO_HIDE)) ) {

    Then try:

    [pwaplusphp hide_albums='InstantUpload']

    Plugin Author smccandl


    Hi JurgenKID, I think I have found the problem you are having and I have posted an updated version of dumpAlbumList.php at:

    Please download it and replace the current one in wp-content/plugins/pwaplusphp and try the hide_albums again, with “Automatische Backup” or “InstantUpload”.

    Please let me know the results.



Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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