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    Hi John,

    After getting WPBook Lite working, I thought I would try WPBook as it appears to have more features that I need.

    Since I don’t have SSL on my blog, I’m using to provide a URL.

    I’ve got my app set up on Facebook with the “Website with Facebook Login”, “App on Facebook” and “Page Tab” all configured.

    In WPBook, when I click on the “Checking permissions” link, it takes me to a Facebook page where it shows the following:-

    This page is where you can check and grant extended permissions, which enable WPBook to publish to your personal wall and/or to the walls of fan pages.

    The Facebook profile ID you are currently logged in to Facebook as is . You have defined <my FB used ID was here> as your Facebook user id in WPBook Settings.

    Your Facebook Profile ID must match the ID with which you are logged in to Facebook, or else an access token will not be stored and publishing to Facebook will fail. Please update the “YOUR Facebook Profile ID” setting in WPBook settings to match the userid shown above.

    FB profile has granted these permissions:
    •read_stream – no
    •publish_stream – no
    •manage_pages – no
    •user_groups – no

    An access token for this user has been stored.

    Stored access token is <long access token here>

    Active access token is <long access token here>

    You’ve indicated you wish to publish to this group: <my group id was here>

    ERROR: The user access token does not include publish stream and offline access permissions.

    To correct any of these, Grant or re-grant permissions for your userid. (This is required if you intend to publish to your personal wall OR any fan pages.)

    I click on the link to Grant or re-grant permissions but it doesn’t seem to work for me, and I therefore don’t know how to change the permissions.

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  • “Require AppSecret Proof for Server API calls:” is (and always has been) disabled.

    Plugin Author John Eckman


    Chris – I just registered on your site.

    I notice the app doesn’t load under https – it works ok if I set my Facebook security to allow http browsing, and can view the canvas page, but I can’t browse to the canvas page under https.

    Can you also email me (you’ll have my email since I just registered on your site) screenshots of the settings for your Facebook app?

    John – did you register at ? I can’t see your user account at all on there…

    Plugin Author John Eckman


    I did (just a few minutes ago). Oddly I didn’t get an email about it either.

    I used the register link and put in a username of jeckman and an @gmail email address

    Is your server setup to send email?

    Plugin Author John Eckman


    I notice in the process you’re offering Facebook social login – is that also using the Facebook API?

    Having multiple Facebook API registrations for the same domain may be the issue – you’ve got two different APP IDs and two different app secrets, both sharing a Facebook PHP API

    Flippin’ ‘eck – I think Better WP Security was blocking email registrations!!!

    Can you try again John?

    I’ve upgraded you to admin…

    Plugin Author John Eckman


    Don’t see anything obvious in the WPBook settings but clearly an issue somewhere in how we’re using the access token.

    Can you send screenshots of the app settings in Facebook, or make me a developer on your Facebook app?

    Any chance you have “Stream post URL security” enabled?

    I do notice I can’t browse to your Facebook app canvas page via HTTPS – what’s going on there?

    Can I join in? I’m getting “Caught exception in publish to group Invalid appsecret_proof provided in the API argument Error code: 0” when I try to use WPBook to post from the blog to the facebook group Carlow Photographic Society

    Plugin Author John Eckman


    AKCarlow – sure, though it might be more effective to start a new thread.

    Was WPBook working for you before, or is this a new install?

    Are you able to post to your profile? Are you able to post to pages?

    (I’m beginning to wonder if something has changed in the API for posting to groups as I don’t post to any groups and you two are having trouble).

    I do get SSL errors trying to view your blog under SSL – what’s the address of your Facebook Application?

    WPBook was working, though with persistent expired access token. Updating to the latest version seemed to fix that, but then …
    we migrated our blog to a new server. Getting Gallery working again was a bit hectic, so it is only now that I am getting back to WPBook. I have poked at so many settings that I don’t know what I might have changed …

    If I look at the canvas page for the facebook app ( it does show the posts on the WordPress blog (

    When you ask “Are you able to post to your profile? Are you able to post to pages?” do you mean directly in facebook (yes) or via WordPress/WPBook (haven’t tried)?

    Plugin Author John Eckman


    @akcarlow – what I’m trying to determine is whether you are able to post (using WPBook from WordPress) to your own profile and or Pages you administer – if so, then the issue is specific to groups.

    Is it possible your application ID or Secret changed as you migrated?

    I’m wondering if something changed when I updated to the newer version of the Facebook php SDK, which is specific to posting to groups – will keep looking.


    In the WPBook settings I selected “publish new posts to your wall” and deselected “publish posts to this wall” where I formerly had the group id. Note that I am admin for this group.

    I made a new post and got the error “Caught exception in stream publish for user: Invalid appsecret_proof provided in the API argumentError code: 0” (I have “show errors posting to facebook walls” selected). The new post shows up on the canvas page, but not my wall.

    One additional observation: when I check permissions with publishing to my page selected, I get no errors, but when the group page is selected, I get “ERROR: The user access token does not include publish stream and offline access permissions.”

    Plugin Author John Eckman


    I think the “check permissions” page is just saying that because “offline_access” got deprecated a while back – so it returns false, but that’s probably not the real error, since you have the necessary publishing permissions.

    Thanks for pointing it out, though – I can clean that up.

    Plugin Author John Eckman


    Well, I can replicate the problem.

    Doesn’t help either of you but at least lets me know I can work on it on my own blog.

    Seems like this might just be some kind of Facebook API error, but I’m going to see if I can work around it somehow.

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