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    I’ve followed all of the steps but no matter what I try, the plugin always reverts to generating a code for mrsuicidesheep. I deactivated all of the site’s plugins and I even tried looking in the database to see if I could change the user id there, but I couldn’t find it.

    I’ve added and saved my API key, but the plugin will not save my user id or channel id.

    Any ideas?

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    This must be an issue with your API key. Try with the default key. Delete the channel you’ve and it’ll use the default key again.

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    Hi, it’s been a week and you haven’t let us know if you got it working. I’m changing this thread as resolved, if you’re still having the problem post here.

    Sorry for the late reply. I had tried that a few times.

    I just deleted the API and created a new one. Still won’t work.

    I’m using the instructions found here:

    No matter what I do, it won’t not recognize mrsuicidesheep.


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    Can you provide me your username / channel ID and the API key you’ve created.

    channel name: uniqueleaderrecords
    YouTube User ID: -6umqcTBkl9IH4Z8Z-O1jg
    YouTube Channel ID: UC-6umqcTBkl9IH4Z8Z-O1jg

    The api is showing errors in the console but I cannot determine the cause.

    Thanks for your help!

    I have exactly the same problem.
    I’d be interested to hear what the solution is.

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    The issue is with your API key. Did you click on Browser key after clicking on Create Key on

    In Allow referrers field put **

    Until you get it working you can use the default API key AIzaSyBHM34vx2jpa91sv4fk8VzaEHJbeL5UuZk

    I have followed your instruction to the letter but nothing works. All it produces is 100% client errors 4xx, but like iartisan, no way of seeing what the problem is.
    Only your API key works. What settings does yours have that mine doesn’t?
    I use an APK key with FV Flowplayer and this works with no problem.
    I have emailed your support email with full details and hope you can help with this frustrating situation.

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    Hi, I replied your email.

    Thanks for your very fast reply and your patience. If I had more patience the problem would not have surfaced. It’s a time thing! The updates you make to the API at Google take an unspecified amount of time to propagate through the system before they will work.
    My API began working as if by magic after a delay of a couple of hours or so.
    My advice to anyone else with this problem – just wait and try again. It will work eventually if you follow plugin-builders’ instructions.
    My site is now working as I hoped.

    I followed the instructions to the letter. No matter what I do, mrsuicidesheep is the only user id the plugin will recognize. It saves my API key, but it will not save either my user id or channel id.

    Seems unlikely, but maybe it’s a theme conflict? Genesis with Dynamik child theme.

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    It’s not a theme issue, can you give me your channel ID, and the API key.

    Did you click on Check button after entering your channel ID and API key?

    Okay, so I got it working. Using a ‘server key’ instead of ‘browser key’ fixed the issue for me immediately. Using the API instructions provided at got me sorted.

    I have discovered that the API key only works when there are no referrers added. The instructions for tubepress don’t include adding a referrer! A browser key without referrer works fine. As soon as you put a referrer in, it stops working.

    I have the same problem and it is not resolved for me. I keep getting “mrsuicidesheep” username no matter how many times I enter my own or the channel id or the server api key I can not get the channel setting to take.

    I have version 8.0 somehow and there is a license Key field mentioned at the bottom and a mention of a pro version in another thread yet there is nothing about that on the plugins page. So I am no sure which it is. I at least am hoping to get the free downloaded version to work and take the channel settings.

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