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  • We are hosting with Godaddy on windows server IS7 is our URL Address

    Okay where do i start, first of i have installed three differernt times with same result.
    I have been to every forum i can imagine and i still cannot get it to work period.
    We are in desperate need of help here please.
    first of all i have account set to anyone can register as a subscriber, we also have a forum where new users to our group can sign up and get emailed password automatically with the simple press forum plugin which works fine.
    we sometimes get a server 500 error when registering and sometimes it goes through saying you have registered fine, but, no password is ever sent.
    Even when it times out at server 500 error it still creates a user name and i can see they registered in admin users panel.
    Comments will not work on my end i never get an email about comments in Que.
    Sometimes they will get server error 500 common server error.
    We have tried everything we can possibly think of on our own and on every forum here with no luck
    Another problem is we cannot get any media, it seems to upload just fine then nothing shows up in our gallery or media files, it shows the file but you cannot physically see anything at all.
    We have even gone as far as placing photos directly to file within server with no luck at all, can someone please help us, we are at the point where we would be willing to pay someone to fix these problems who has knowledge and experience with fixing this!!

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  • This has been mentioned time and time again … use a LINUX server with your host and many of these “problems” disappear.

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