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  • No matter how many installations of Link Library I’ve done, I have never been able to get the permalinks to work and I am tired of not knowing what the heck I’m doing wrong.

    I am running the latest version of Link Library (5.6.8 as of today) on and as you can see, I am showing one category at a time and using HTML GET.

    I cannot use AJAX because it does not create a unique page for each category that I can then give to search engines, etc. to prove I have linked back to them.

    When I switch to HTML GET + Permalink and click Enable Permalinks, it doesn’t matter what I put in the Permalinks Page field. I have tried;;; links/; /links/; /links; and even /. All result in a 404.

    Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

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  • Finally figured out my own dysfunction!

    For those who might also have the same problem, here are the settings I have that make search engine friendly link categories:

    Only show one category at a time: CHECK
    Switching Method: HTML GET + Permalink
    Enable Permalinks: CHECK
    Permalinks Page: links *

    * obviously this needs to be whatever page you put your Link Library code on and note the absence of all http, www, and slashes!

    Can I ask what code you are using on the main page? And is it automatically creating the subpages, or are you creating each of them separately? If you are creating them separately, what code would be on each of them?

    I’m asking because your search form seems to be working on each of your pages to find links on any page–something I’ve been unable to get mine to do, with a similar set-up. When I do it, the search form searches only for links already found on that page, not all links in any category.

    Sorry for the late reply.

    The code I’m using on the page is:

    [link-library-cats settings=1]
    [link-library settings=1]

    Link Library is automatically creating the subpages.

    I also answered your email so if you need anything further, please feel free to reply to that email.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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