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  • Works great! This theme does not seem to have any annoying surprises. Controls and settings are put where and behave how you would expect them. This is not the average, lame theme concocted in somebody’s basement.

    This theme does recommend one plugin, Responsive Add Ons, from the same author. I had a hard time figuring out exactly what this plugin did. I apologize for the digression, but I’m glad I dug around as it seems indispensable for SEO savvy website developers. It allows you to add scripts for traffic monitoring, i.e. Google Analytics, and other similar purposes. And, it hints at adding more functionality later on. Plus, it works with or without this theme, which is a perfect segue back to the focus of this review.

    Now, onto the problems.

    This theme’s biggest problem for now is a boring built-in front page which is incompatible with Jetpack’s mobile theme. The layout for the included front page is limited to remaining forever boring. You can dress up other areas with imagery to try to compensate. But, if you want to use the front page feature, a prominent white box with wide padding and gray text on the left-half will be an obtrusive part of your site’s first impression. Thankfully, you don’t have to use this page for your front page. This is especially good to know once you find out that the included front page is incompatible with Jetpack’s mobile theme feature.

    Although at first this theme seemed loaded with customization options, it turns out to be fairly limited in regard to simple changes important enough to necessitate inclusion with the free version.

    First, no color scheme changes: You are stuck with white, a lot of dark gray, and the rare splash of a bright cyan button. I’m sure this limitation can be circumvented through custom CSS. But, this should have been a free feature, at least with 3 or 4 colors to choose from.

    Next, a dark, blocky-looking navigation menu: The navigation menu has a certain dark, blocky look that will not be appealing for most websites. It has its place in many designs. But, unless the rest of your website lends itself to the established look, it will be an eyesore.

    Those were the only problems I found so far.

    In summary, if you intend to have a neutral color scheme, have a fair amount of experience with HTML/CSS coding, or have any experience with creating theme mods (modified versions), this free theme may suit you well enough. For anyone else, the intuitive controls and clean look of this theme will make paying for the pro version very appealing in order to overcome the few shortcomings. If you are still on the fence, I recommend trying out this free version until you are sure the pro version’s perks will make it worth the cost.

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  • Actually this would not be an issue with the Theme. The feature you are referring to is part of the WordPress itself, Theme just supports it.

    At the same time feature has zero issues and it works well too 😉

    Please see this page for further details on how to set your custom header.

    One star left way too soon 🙂

    P.S. Also see this forum too.

    Two stars would indicate that the theme “works”. As it is, as soon as I specify a header image, the home page loads blank. I’m just reporting what I find.

    I will verify the blank home page problem doesn’t occur with a different theme. If it does, then my WordPress install is likely now corrupted. If not, then I will try installing the theme again. Regardless, I will update the review with my findings.

    Just double checked for you. This is fresh Theme install and no issues with either or. I was able to upload an image 🙂

    It looks like you changed your original content to something completely different, please note that review section is not a support forum.

    For a dedicated (free) forum, please go to

    All I did was take out the wordy detail about the header image. It was completely out of place, as you (Emil) yourself pointed out. Isn’t that why you posted the initial comment?

    I don’t mean to frustrate you (Emil). I did not post my review looking for support. But, since you brought up some objections to my review, I merely addressed your concerns. And, since most people will never read these comments, I corrected the review concerning the header image.

    Again, if I do re-install this theme, I will test again and update the rating and review accordingly. But, if I can’t get this theme to work and since a rating of two stars indicates that the theme at least “works”, the rating will stay at one star.

    On the contrary and no frustration made, all is good 🙂

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