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  • Months ago started to build a website.

    Yesterday spent half an hour trying to get in to make edits, getting message repeatedly that my username was incorrect and asking if I wanted to “reset my password”. No, not really, but there is apparently no way to get a reminder of what your username is, and entering my email address with a password let me into some abandoned WP account I must have started several years ago, NOT the site I am trying to edit.

    All of a sudden, miraculously, the username I had been entering all along was correct, with the password I had just made, so I made a note of it, thinking I’d save myself an hour of wasted effort next time around trying to edit my site.

    Today? No such luck. The username I used yesterday no longer works. I have “reset” the password to the same thing it always was, but the email address w/that password again only lets me into some abandoned account from 4 years ago.

    How can I get a reminder of my username??

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  • Use PHPMyAdmin to view your MySQL database and see what your actual username is. It’s possible you spelled in incorrectly in the first place and finally accidentally typed in incorrectly again when you got in.

    When you do get in, create another admin user with a different username and use that account, and then delete the first.

    It WAS correct, and I HAVE been entering it correctly. Was able to go through the steps described in phpMyAdmin, verified username and changed password (yet AGAIN, though I’m still locked out) and will now have to spend the time figuring out how to reate a new account and migrate the work I’ve already done over to a new user account since this one is apparently FUBAR’d.

    I had taken a screen capture of the profile page at one point when I was miraculously logged in successfully to the account, and it verified that the same username I’ve been entering, and same username as what shows up in phpMyAdim, is in fact, the correct username, so there’s really no good reason for any of this. No amount of “resetting the password” has helped this problem.



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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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