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  • Hi AustinWeb, can you publish your link here so that I can have a look.

    Kind regards

    Hi AustinWeb, unfortunately there is too much code editing to be able to edit the width for an individual column. You will have to contact the developer personally or you might have to purchase the pro version which has more features.

    Sorry for not being able to help you with this question.

    Kind regards

    I add a
    into the details to drop down lines.

    rpvp…you added what into the details? If it is code, please use backticks or it will not show up. And what do you mean by details, the actual field called details? My issue is that features are more than one line long causing the feature cell to be higher. The package cell does not adjust for the feature cells height throwing off the alignment of the features and packages.

    I got an email from the developer and he is aware of the issue. However, when it will be fixed we will never know.

    Yes, I understand your problem.

    I add:
    <br />
    in the fields. By “fields” I mean the space you enter data.
    So, for example, if I’m doing a new feature and I want the line of words to break at a certain point I’ll enter it like this:
    My really long feature<br /> is blah blah blah
    Then my feature will be on two lines broken after the word feature.

    Then in the field columns to the right of the feature column, I add in the same code so it looks like this:
    <br /> Get 1 blah
    The piece of code makes it drop down to a line and line up with the feature column. You have to do that with all fields to the right of that feature.

    Sometimes if I’m doing a big feature with 5 or 6 lines, then in the fields to the right of that feature I’ll have something like:
    <br /><br />blah blah<br /><br />
    That way I can center the details in the column. It just looks better when there are 5-6 lines in a feature for it’s details to the right to be in the center of it.

    Sorry for the long post, just trying to make it clear.

    Hi @rpvp, that is a great idea I don’t know why I did not think about entering html tags inside the text box. I am now aware that you can enter html tags which can become handy.

    @austinweb I think this will resolve your issue.

    Kind regards

    Yes, adding html tags has really allowed me to create some nice tables. I have a problem though I outlined in another thread, and that is that my tables don’t look the same across multiple browsers. If I find a fix I’ll post in that thread.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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