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    Try as I might, I cannot get an email confirmation to work when a user sets up a new registration. They are immediately logged in and activated. Any idea where I may be missing a setting? I have UM email setting to send the email but I think this isn’t occurring because WP is set to just auto-activate everyone.


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  • I also have this problem, it suddenly started happening a few months ago, even when I tried installing SMTP. They said the problem could be from my host’s side, some PHP setting, but I tried their suggestions and the SMTP emailed other things just fine and my host confirmed there is no issue with the PHP.

    I feel like the makers of this plugin has abandoned it or something as the last time this plugin was updated was over a month ago. I never even received any support for this, I get that paid customers get priority, but I haven’t been replied to for almost 3 months. I think you’re going to need an alternative, which is a pity because this plugin was perfect save for the email issue.


    UM -> Settings -> Appearance -> Registration form -> Registration Default Role

    UM -> User Roles ->
    Select the user role above defined as “Registration Default Role” -> Edit -> Registration Options -> Registration Status -> Require email activation

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    Finally! Thank you! Spent hours looking for it 🙂

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    Hi @jglazer63
    Thanks for letting us know how @missveronicatv resolves your issue. I am closing this thread now.


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