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  • Hi

    A wordpress newbie here 🙂

    I have just created a test site on my PC using xampp and everything works fine. I then exported the site to an XML file from with the admin account.

    I then installed wp on my server and used Import to load this XML file into the web site. Obviously, I just want it to be an exact mirror copy of the site I’ve developed locally.

    However, although the web-site initially appears to work OK, a lot of the site hasn’t been correctly transferred. This is most apparent in many of the posts, which have only a few lines transferred and then they just seem to be truncated.

    Site is:

    Can anyone offer any suggestions?


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  • @stevegepa
    You posts are not truncated is because of read more tag within your post a
    feature of WordPress where you can control whether to display full post on home page or just some content of post then link to read full article. (see Continue Reading link below your latest post).

    You can easily remove this by editing your post and removing <!-- more --> tag

    Hi, Thanks for the reply.

    No it’s not that, the posts just don’t have all the text even when you view them in the full article (or view the post in the editor).

    Many of the posts are fine, but some of them just stop after 6 lines. There was no error from the XML import (or export on my PC).

    Something else must be going on.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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