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    I made a mistake entering some fields in the general settings and now the site is broken and i cannot get back in to change it, help!!

    I put ‘.com’ instead of ‘.net’ in the two address fields in general settings, how do i undo?
    now all my links point to the ‘.com’


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  • Hello Saimurai,

    Can you give the link of your site.
    and tell more about what you changed in the general settings.

    Hi IshaanRawat,

    Thanks for replying, yes it’s and the settings were the two address settings at the top of the general section in the control panel. WordPress address and site address.

    I accidentally put .com instead of .net for both of these.


    There are several ways to change those back:

    Just read through it and that seems to be the business, thanks so much. I’ll give it a whirl asap.

    Many thanks!



    You’re a legend.

    Cheers again,


    LOL – you’re welcome.

    Just another thought here maybe you can help again,

    Im ready now to migrate from the .net to the .com. I went onto my IXWebhosting account and have created a new database using MySQL server for the ‘.com’ site and have installed a fresh wordpress installation there too. So thats all running, i just need to transfer over the site from the ‘.net’ domain. I have backed up using the Total Backup Plugin and now have a downloaded zip file just in case it all goes ti…..belly-up. 🙂

    I was reading through the codex regarding moving (, and i was wondering, can you tell me which one of these I should follow? I think its option 2, (Domain name is still to be http://www.saikoproductions but it will now be .com instead of .net.)

    1 When Your Domain Name and URLs Do Not Change
    2 When Your Domain Name or URLs Change
    2.1 On Your Existing Server
    2.1.1 If you forget to change the locations
    2.1.2 If you have accidentally changed your WordPress site URL
    2.2 Moving to a New Server
    2.3 If You Don’t Care If Your Old Blog Works
    2.4 If You Want Your Old Blog To Still Work

    When it says on your existing server in 2.1 what is meant by server? Am i moving to a new server or staying with the existing one? i host both domains on my IX account, so does this mean it will be staying on the existing server?

    Sorry, im sure this is all basic stuff to you lot!


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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