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  1. butterflycue
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Iuploaded wordpress on my blog now I cannot find my blog with wordpress on it ,the old blog keep showing up.what should I do

  2. cdhishna
    Posted 2 years ago #

    can you provide your url?
    if you changed from some other system to WordPress, did you make changes on server?

  3. Symphonyofsilk
    Posted 2 years ago #


    I am seeking some tech advice with a blog that's recently been set up for me using WordPress.org. I have a custom blog - http://www.symphonyofsilk.com at wordpress.org I have not been able to get hold of the guy who set it up for ages now, so a bit stuck with some questions as to how it all works! I'll try to summarise these simply and hope to get some advice to help me move forward with my blog.

    Queries are:
    1) I don't seem to be getting any external views or followers. In addition, unlike some other friends who set up their wordpress.com fashion blogs at the same time as mine, they appear to have random fashion bloggers noticing their blogs and subscribing or comment. I've had no followers for a month now and no external views. I wonder if there is something in my setting that is blocking my site from appearing in Google or blocking other users or bloggers to view and comment. The tech guy set me up to self - host. I am not a tech person so lost on what this means.

    2) My Gravatar profile pic is blank. How do I change this to a personalised picture?

    Your help is greatly appreciated. The blog is http://www.symphonyofsilk.com.

    Best regards,

  4. bemdesign
    Posted 2 years ago #

    @Symphonyofsilk - please create your own post topic. This is someone else's issue and although your issue may be similar its very unlikely you're both running on the same physical or virtual server with the same host and with the same themes and plugins... yeah. So please post your own topic and we'll help you there.

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