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  • This is with regards to the web site

    A friend of mine has been left in the lurch as the person who put this site together has vanished. I have been trying to change the address on the main page (the one ‘fosse road leicester’) but despite trawling through 100’s of files I cannot find the .css or .php file that I believe contains the address in order for me to change it. I am new to wordpress and thanks to this site and google understand that it is .php that is used to overlay the text onto the image. However, I simply cannot find the file I need to amend.
    Is there an easy way to find this. I believe this site uses a “theme”. Advance apologies if this sounds like a daft issue but really struggling here. In the word press admin section,I cannot find the address anyway and stuck completely now, if any one can help it would be much appreciated

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  • Moderator kmessinger


    Maybe under dashboard, general settings, tagline.

    Moderator kmessinger


    It looks like your theme is a version of this,

    Since we have no access to that theme it is very difficult to say where something is loaded or how it works. And now your developer is gone. You might want to consider changing themes at dashboard, appearance, themes.

    Im sure your jumping into that project has been quite frustrating!

    Im not real familiar with that theme, but are you able to go to Appearances then Editor? If so Id think all the files would there and perhaps you can find where the address was entered into?

    kmmessinger / bjScott – thank you for your replies. I will consider your thoughts and check under dashboards/general settings etc. You are right, jumping into this has been difficult; thank you once again for the swift feedback, regards, Sandip Patel

    Update, I have tried the suggestions from you kind folk but sadly no joy: –

    The suggestion to check “Maybe under dashboard, general settings, tagline” – I cannot find this page

    The suggestion to check “Change theme at dashboard, appearance, theme” – I cannot find this page either.

    If I log into and then click on ‘Dashboard’, I get the following: –

    “5 posts
    19 pages
    1 category
    0 tags

    Theme Royal Vista with 3 Widgets
    You are using WordPress 3.4.5″

    So, sadly no closer. I cannot believe how incredibly difficult this is – so frustrating. But thank you all for trying to help – much appreciated… Sandip Patel



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    Have you tried actually looking through the Pages -> All Pages in your Admin area?

    I have looked through every single page, searched through all the .css files, carried out a windows search on the text that I wish to change, have tried using the ‘F12’ browser developer tool to check which pages are being loaded but to no avail.
    I just cannot find the one place where the address is stored. I have managed to change the address in the ‘contact us’ section but clearly the address is being pulled from somewhere else. I even considered trying to set the image that the text is written over to read only but that made no difference – so clutching at the infamous straws.


    Moderator kmessinger


    Go to the style sheet – style.css

    Look for .header-description. Change color to #ffffff

    This is only temporary until you find where that address was keyed in.

    To make this permanent you need a child theme.

    Do you have database access? The address is stored there. Also check dashboard/users/your profile to see if you are logging in with admin privileges.

    Two possibilities I can think of.

    1. Go to Settings > General and see if it’s in the Tagline section.
    2. Go to Appearance > Editor and see if it’s in the header.php template.

    Good luck.

    Hi all – thank you (kmessinger / Rachel) for your ideas. I will check these and get back to you.

    many thanks

    Sandip Patel

    hmm, very strange, I also cannot find the ‘settings-general’ page or the ‘appearance – editor’. If I edit the profile, it appears that I am logging in as admin because the colour scheme being used matches that of the only admin user.

    Still very weird though; it’s as if something is preventing me from accessing the pages many people on this forum are talking about.
    Will have a nosey and keep you all posted.

    thanks again, Sandip Patel



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    I also cannot find the ‘settings-general’ page or the ‘appearance – editor’.

    No – look in the Settings section of your main admin menu.

    kmessinger – thanks for your suggestion of changing the background colour – worked a treat. At least the web site looks better and I can spend time actually finding where the file is that needs changing.

    To “esmi” – I believe I have logged in as admin but cannot find the “settings” menu.

    thank you.
    Sandip Patel


    If you are logged in as Admin, the left side of your dashboard should look like this screenshot:

    BJScott – hmm, there lies the problem, I do not see that at all, my view is totally different. Not sure how I would go about logging in as an admin. This might sound mad but would you mind logging into the site with the credentials I have as you might be able to work out where the admin settings are or where it can be set up? If so I will send you my email address and then send it to you privately

    Its the only thing I can think of doing. Actually, if you’re ok with that my email is [Moderated], thanks…

    Sandip Patel

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