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  • Hi everyone

    Ive recently introduced myself to wordpress theme development, using wp 3.0

    I’d like to move on to learning how to manipulate things so that wordpress is more a cms and less of a blog.

    I find all sorts of articles talking about specific tips like custom taxonomies or making a custom page layout for a client to choose, but nothing that encapsulates “how to make wordpress into a cms” from the ground up sort of thing.

    so i wanted to ask – does anyone either know of a good tutorial/reference, OR is the reason i can’t find anything for wp specifically 3.0 because not much has changed in the methodology for making wp into a cms than for say, 2.8/2.9??

    i found this tutorial.. this is pretty much the only one i could find that refers to anything anywhere near version 3.0 (it says its for 2.9..) but the title is confusing and im not sure if this is even talking about making wordpress into a cms..

    can anyone help?

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