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  • On the Edit Posts screen, I cannot Filter or Search. This has been going on for several 2.x.x versions and I’d have thought it would have very high priority on the bug correction list.

    Enter a search term and click “Search Posts” and nothing is returned. Strike that – all posts are returned.

    Change a Filter condition and it makes no difference – all posts are returned. I have a Category called “Track” and if I try to filter for just the Track category, I get all posts returned whether they are a member of Track or not.

    Do the developers know about this? Is there a fix or a work around?

    I have 1317 posts and I need to be able to filter or search!


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  • This is really, really important to me too. Thanks

    This is really, really important to me too, but with regard to searching COMMENTS and returning them by the word/tag/category/author used.

    Any recommendation for a good, fast, lean plug-in for search comments?



    Thankfully, this has been resolved in 2.9



    DJmotlive, there must have been something wrong with your previous install since my 2.8.6 is filtering fine and does searches too, even respecting the filter done before a search in that it restricts the search results to the post selected by the filter.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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