• While this used to be a good solution in the repository, it no longer provides the basic functionality of being able to exclude pages from your sitemap. Every sitemap needs to exclude pages. The repository version of this plugin used to include this basic function, and it was a 5 star option. While the author has put many years of development into the plugin and needs to support future development it seems that removing a vital piece of basic functionality is not the way to do it. This plugin with missing basics no longer belongs in the free repository. This changes broke many client sites that need to be fixed for free or will have unplanned expense passed on to them. In addition, if I stick with the plugin it means going to my clients with increased annual costs. I don’t believe the plugin author considered how this change would affect people with clients. I would be hesitant to use their other plugins going forward as this change was pretty big, was not communicated well, and not a good experience as a professional.

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  • Seriously. This. I’m all for you to Monetize your plugin. Please do. But taking basic functionality away and not properly Notifying the customers Via Change Log or a notification in the dashboard is NOT OK. We expect better.

    Plugin Author David Gwyer


    Thanks for the feedback.

    As I’ve mentioned in other threads we overall added MORE features were added than removed. Some previously premium features were added to the current free version. It definitely wasn’t just the case that a free feature was moved to the pro version.

    Lessons have been learned about notification to users going forward this could have been handled better. Any future changes to any of our plugins will be handled much more delicately.

    We stand by our decision of the features that are included in the free/pro version and these will remain the same. I appreciate the points you make but the reality is that this plugin wouldn’t be around much longer if development can’t be supported.

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