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    Installed WP Image Protect Lite 1.7.1.

    Using WP 3.5.1, TwentyEleven theme. Other possibly relevant plugin used: Simple Gallery

    It works OK except that I cannot exclude any images (e.g. header images), despite setting them to be excluded in the Media library, also from the function that sets an image as Featured image (so it becomes header for a given page).

    I found a bug in php/wpipp-image-manager.php at line 556:
    $results = $wpdb->get_results( $wpdb->prepare( “SELECT ID FROM wp_posts where guid = %s AND post_type = ‘attachment'”, $url_string ) );

    It needs to be adjusted to use the prefix I use for the tables, which is not wp_.
    This took care of an error being logged for every pageload.

    ALso found another bug in the script php/wpipp-install-check-class.php at line 82. It was checking for gd_version_info[“JPG Support”] but in my version of php it is called gd_version_info[“JPEG Support”].

    I fixed both bugs and uploaded the scripts.

    Still I am unable to exclude images. I don’t know if I should in fact reinstall the plugin so it can detect properly that there is “JPEG Support” because when I installed it that test failed and I opted to override it.

    I checked the database, and the postmeta table does show the value 1 for wpipp_exclude_from_watermark for some items, though I am not sure how to interpret that table’s content.

    Thanks for any pointers.

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    Thanks for your feedback. I will address both of those items you pointed out in the forthcoming update to the plugin.

    In relation to your specific query about header images etc, I am unable to replicate the issue, excluding the header image from watermarking in the media gallery seems to work for me.

    It could possibly be related to the table prefix issue or something else.

    Anyway, there is a workaround to exclude specific images where the media gallery exclusion does not work involving the Rewrite Rules field in the advanced options section, I will send you the details in an email shortly.

    Thank you for your reply. I appreciate your intervention and looking forward to getting the rewrite rules, that had not occurred to me to try, but probably I’d not have hit it quite right.

    Concerning inability to exclude images, I don’t think it’s the table prefix, since I already fixed that in the script myself by hard-coding the proper one. As I’m no longer getting mysql errors in the log I have to assume that I have the correct prefix everywhere it might be used.

    I’m thinking however of another possible issue. When I installed the plugin it complained about it not being compatible with the gd library and jpg in particular. Later I found and fixed the bug in that detection but I did not reinstall the plugin. Maybe I should, it might set some flags differently somewhere that I’m not aware of. I didn’t do it because in fact it works except for excluding images, so I didn’t think it could be related.

    I thought for a while that maybe it’s due to some header images also being regular images on the site (such as in the mini-gallery), which do need watermarking when not headers. But then a few header images are only used as headers and they aren’t getting excluded either, so that theory doesn’t seem to hold.

    Thanks again.

    BTW, here’s a link to the site in question, if it helps: .

    Plugin Author 8MediaCentral


    The plugin works by fetching metadata from the WordPress database for an image, if there is no metadata, the image will not be excluded from the watermarking process (intended as a fail-safe mechanism). It is possible that the gallery plugin you are using has its own database table to store metadata, in which case you will need to append to the rewrite rules mentioned in my previous comment or create a dummy page to add the header images first to force WordPress to add meta data for these images.

    I have sent you an email with further details.

    Thank you. You may be right about the Simple gallery, I didn’t try watermarking before adding the Simple gallery plugin.

    I’ll try what you advised.

    Well it didn’t work with a draft page.
    So on to plan b with the .htaccess rewrite rules 🙂

    Does it matter that I have pages instead of posts? If it’s looking for a post ID what I have are page IDs.

    I used the rewrite rules and I have had success 🙂

    I only had issues with a url which has non US ASCII characters so I left alone. I will have to rename that image file that’s used as a header and will try it again then.

    Thank you so much for your help.

    Plugin Author 8MediaCentral


    I looks like this is resolved. Let me know if you require any further assistance.

    Thank you, it is indeed resolved.

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