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  • Hello,
    I upgraded my site to 5.0 and I really don’t like the new changes. I know I could use a plugin to use the old editor but as that will not be supported after a time I figured I would use the new interface and get used to it now.

    The problem is that it has slowed my work down to a crawl and now I cannot edit text in the boxes.

    I write in Scrivener or Word and then copy paste my review into the editor. I then add images and make corrections. I will get used to the editor but it doesn’t work.

    If I spot a mistake or something I would like to change based on an image position in the page I click the error and change it, in the new editor I cannot click the error, when I do I manage to click the error and the moment I type something else the cursor moves to the top of the box and any changes are added there. If I want to change something or add something to the page I get the same problem.

    Its extremely frustrating and the only solution at the moment is to make changes in the word or scrivener document and re-add the entire page. It’s slower and if I want to make a change based on the positioning of an image its impossible.

    Please help as soon as possible I cannot continue to use WordPress if this keeps happening and if I have to go back to Dreamweaver it will mean I have to work alone on the site.

    Thank you for looking.

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  • I thought I should add to this as I am finding more and more problems as I progress. I just tried to add a heading box, I wanted to type In Summary, what I got was yrammuSnI. Backwards and with no spaces. I cannot add spaces and when I tried to add I had to click many times before the space was added.

    Hi @minkisan

    The WordPress developers have been working on the new editor for quite a while. And they felt that it now is good enough to step up and start using the block editor as the default one.
    However, a new editor means that the interfaces for anything that extends the editor will change, and many themes and plugins still need to catch up.

    Also, some deeper functionality, like the ability to just throw in formatted text from various sources, isn’t yet fully up to par, especially for more special cases. (I’ve seen somewhere that pasting from Word on a Mac wasn’t fully solved when 5.0 went out.)

    A first iteration to fix things (WordPress 5.0.1) is expected to happen already now in December.

    If you want, you can try to see if your problems already have been reported in: and/or



    I have been using the new editor since I posted and I have to say, I actually like it now. I am old and don’t like change but given a choice, I would use the new editor. It is not as intuitive as the old editor but I really like it.

    One thing that was solved relatively quickly after 5.0 was released was that the editor would rush to save your changes after virtually every letter you wrote, and accidentally moving the cursor to the start of the field every time, in effect making the use type backwards.

    Thanks for following up!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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