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  • Resolved Shaun Williams


    Running the plugin 3.14.1 under a Multisite setup.

    I can edit the Roles within the master site. Apply to all sites doesn’t seem to work.

    Also when trying to select a role from within a subsite, it refreshes back to the subscriber role, so I cannot edit any other role.

    And if I go to subsite, select a User and click on the user role link within that profile, I get the Users roles, but if I then select the Human Readable it refreshes back to the full plugin settings again.

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  • Plugin Author Vladimir Garagulia


    Hi Shaun,
    Thanks for the information.
    In order ‘Apply to all sites’ work you need to turn it on, change something in the currently selected role, then press update. Updated role will be replicated to all sites of your network.

    It seems that we have a problem with some specific configuration of your site, may be conflict with some plugin occur. Could you make exact test copy of your WP installation in order I investigate the problem on site?

    Firstly I know how to change settings for sitewide.

    Issue is it doesn’t work.

    I make a change and apply it to all sites, then check a subsite and it hasn’t changed to reflect my main change.

    And by default on a subsite, I go into User Role Editor, defaults to Subscriber Role. I change it to another role to edit and the page just refreshes back to the Subscriber Role.

    How am I suppose to do a test copy of the site? That would take hours of work and I would also need new hosting account.

    I could give you access to the existing site?

    I’ve also just tried and set the same plugins for the parent domain as to one of the sub domains.

    Same issues.

    Plugin Author Vladimir Garagulia


    If that’s possible for you to give me access to your site I’m ready to look on the described problem. Please send my email (vladimir [email-sign] blog administrator user and FTP credentials.

    Just sent a couple of eamils with details.

    Also explain what domains were in use etc so you know what sites you can tinker with if need be without breaking a live site.

    Thank you for the help so far.

    Plugin Author Vladimir Garagulia


    I got the information, thanks.

    Plugin Author Vladimir Garagulia


    Described problem is caused by ‘Domain Mapping’ plugin activated on your site. When I switched the primary domain for back to the URE plugin works as expected.

    Thus, I confirm the fact of incompatibility Multisite WP with active ‘Domain Mapping’ and URE plugin.

    I suppose that, when you tries to act on other domain from the main site – domain redirection occurs – all data send to the server via POST request are lost somewhere. URE plugin receives data from the URL parameters (GET request) only.
    That’s why you get the initial URE page with ‘Subscriber’ role always.

    As workaround you may switch primary domain for subsite to the main site subdomain, work with URE. Then switch primary domain for subsite back to its different domain.

    For this moment ‘yourgigguide’ subsite is switched to subdomain
    When testing multi-site role update I added ‘read_shop_order’ capability to the ‘Subscriber’ role and updated role with ‘Apply to All Sites’ option turned on. So currently ‘Subscriber’ role at ‘yourgigguide’ have the ‘read_shop_order’ capability.
    I didn’t revert my changes back in order you may take a look on that.

    OK, that makes allot of sense.

    Thank you for getting to the bottom of the issue. Much appreciated.

    Do you have plans to fix this in future as it will be very annoying having to change it everytime I need to edit User Roles and if I give access to a customer to edit their own sites roles, then they wouldn’t be able to change the domain setting.

    Plugin Author Vladimir Garagulia


    Thanks to you for the information about this problem and permission you gave me to research the issue on site.
    I will investigate the problem definitely and try to find the solution for one of the future versions.

    Feel free to ask if you would like me to test.

    I could leave your account there for a little while if you want to use the yougigguide account for testing.

    Plugin Author Vladimir Garagulia


    Thanks. It is better to block the test account now as fix searching and update development make take about month due to my current plans and workload. I will ask you for tests definitely, just let me found a decision.

    No problem. You have my contact details when ready.

    Thanks again for the help.

    Sorry but there are still problems.

    Did the above solutions in terms of the domain mapping.

    I have a Shop Manager Role, and I set all capabilities to checked, then save for all sites. Get Update Successful.

    Then I go into a sub site, and the Role as listed there is not the same. I try to change it in the subsite and it states it was successful but refreshes and doesn’t have the changes.

    I also get the same when trying to edit the capabilities of the individual user.

    Also another issue that is more of an annoyance, is that if you hit save without changing anything it returns an error message. I don’t think there was an error it simply didn’t need to save anything as nothing was changed.

    PS: your accounts are still active.

    Plugin Author Vladimir Garagulia


    Thanks for the information. I will try to check today.

    Also just noticed another issue.

    Under the subsite, I hit reset, reading everything and assuming it will reset to the Multisite defaults.

    What happened thou is it deleted all custom Roles & Capabilities for the subsite, yet they are still there everywhere else.

    So on the Master domain I saved to all sites a custom roles, and it will not add it to the subsite its missing from.

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