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  • hi all:
    thankyou for your time.

    i have just upgraded to the latest version

    when i go into admin, into edit post , i can edit content and save post, yet i cannot edit the publishing date.

    this applies to the default theme as well as my theme …

    does anyone have any clues.

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  • So you click on the Edit button next to the date in the Publish module and what happens?

    Can you edit the date via Quick Edit?

    Please note I’ve deleted your various DUPLICATE posts of this same topic.

    hi michael:

    there are 3 editing links (and 1 delete link) in publish section.

    1 Status: Published Edit
    2 Visibility: Public Edit
    3 Published on: Jan 6, 2009 @ 7:59 Edit

    when i click on 1 there is no movement or response anywhere
    when i click on 2 the page jumps down
    when i click on 3 there is no movement or response anywhere


    Can you edit the date with Quick Edit?

    i am attempting at top speed to find “Quick Edit”
    where is it?

    Under Post->Edit, then hover over a post title and it will appear.

    Administration > Posts > Edit

    i have found quick edit (and delete and view etc) under each of the PAGES

    there are no such links under the POSTS

    are the POSTS meant to have those edit links under them ?

    Right here is a pic of the quick edit:

    hi CGProg

    i do not have those links under my posts

    nor are the post titles in bold.

    Even when you hover your mouse over them?

    Are you blocking script execution in your browser with something like “NoScript” or some other Java blocker?

    no, not even when i hover the script.
    no i have neither “NoScript” nor other Java Blocker

    Do you get any mouse-over highlighting? Like when you mouse-over “appearance” or “Plugins” on the left side tool bar. I would guess that the highlighting is done with Java and that might be necessary for things to work right for your date edit.

    That is all I can guess – I’m pushing my knowledge envelope.

    yes, mouse-over highlighting at all points


    can i give you my administrator name and password?
    so that you can have a look?

    FAB Radio

    the other curious thing that is happening is that the wp-admin menu plugin keeps disappearing from the top of the blog, so that i cannot get in to the admin without typing “wp-admin” after the blog address

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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