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    Using the Facebook for Woocommerce plugin is causing problems in Woocommerce admin page. When I activate the plugin, I can no longer access the screen options drop-down on the product edit page, and neither is my media library popup window working to add new product images. I can still add product images via the very primitive interface left behind by this error. Returning to the edit product page only happens by using the browser’s back button several times after setting the image. The gallery images link doesn’t work at all. The screen options do work in the product list view, but when you try to edit a single product, it doesn’t open (nor the help option next to it)

    I have deactivated several plugins and reactivated them all one by one. The Facebook for Woocommerce plugin is the only one having the effect described above. I’ve cleared my cached data on my site, as well as my browser. I’ve uninstalled the plugin and reinstalled it, but the problem persists. When I deactivate, everything works as expected.

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  • Just had the same thing occur on one of my client sites. The issue is indeed with this plugin. What I discovered is that it is adding extra characters to one of the Facebook for WooCommerce variable fields. So much so that it is exhausting the servers php memory. You would want to locate that field and clear it of the extra inputted text. Then it works. For me it was under the “Product data” meta box > “Facebook” > “Show advanced options” checkbox > “Size” variable. I was using the quote symbol (“) for inches and it freaked out adding a bunch of backslashes followed by a percent sign ( \\\\\% ). Hope this helps!

    @endurox Thanks for the reply, I did not set up any Facebook variables, It suddenly started giving out of memory error. disabling the plugin works, and with the plugin I’m unable to add/edit any product.

    Would like to hear from support on this issue. Its been many days since the problem.

    @marcellalilian did you found any relief? would help if you can tell your results.

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    No i dn’t find relief yet

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    And Manny, i cannot come in that field

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    Hi @marcellalilian, @bsienn and @endurox,

    Can you all please confirm the version of the plugin you are working with?

    This behavior sounds like a conflict. It could be that another plugin is conflicting with the FBE plugin.

    Are you able to consistently replicate the behavior with only WooCommerce, Storefront theme and the Facebook for WooCommerce active?

    Here’s how:

    Let me know the result of the conflict test.

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    (@battouly) thank you for your advice, i deactivate everything (WooCommerce, Storefront theme and the Facebook not) and the i activate 1 for 1, i’m not ready yet, but i can adjust and place image now. Thank you for your advice!!

    Hi Admin/supoort.

    Good news for me, at least.

    I am using divi theme. and the plugin version was v2.3.3.
    I got an update notice so updated to v2.3.4, but no luck, then a new update v2.3.5, still no luck.

    Very coincidentally, right after commenting here, there was an update v2.4.0.
    According to that it fixed some performance issue as follows.

    Tweak – Add an initial performance debug mode to measure resource usage in some areas
        Tweak – Add 3 usage tracking properties: “is-connected”, “product-sync-enabled”, “messenger-enabled”
        Fix – High memory usage when starting full catalog sync
        Fix – High memory usage of Google Product Category data
        Fix – Fatal error for product categories with missing attributes
        Fix – Connection data is now correctly cleared when using the “Disconnect” button
        Fix – Error modals when setting default exclude categories in Product sync now work correctly

    I updated the plugin to latest and now the memory error got fixed.

    I did not change anything else, no new plugin / disabled nothing.
    I hope it keeps working.

    *One more thing, I downloaded the whole site locally on xampp and my powerful PC, I did not got any memory errors whatsoever. So on shared hosting with 512MB ram, it was choking on memory, though it used to work fine before, and it works now with latest version on my same shared hosting.

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    Hi @marcellalilian

    Glad to hear it – thanks for letting us know!

    I’ll mark this thread as resolved now. If you have any further questions, I recommend creating a new thread.

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