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    I am running 2.7 and I have a user (Editor) who posts on a daily basis. The problem we are seeing is that neither he nor I can edit most of his posts. When you click on the Edit link or the post Title in the admin area you get this result on the page:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: normalize_whitespace() in /nfs/c03/h03/mnt/55208/domains/ on line 49

    Now, if I use the quick edit option and I either shorten the permalink (I’ve read elsewhere that 30+ characters in your permalink causes problems) or even if I don’t change anything and I click “Update Post”
    then the normal editing ability works.

    Why, why, why am I getting this? I can’t go in and do this work around on every single post!

    Please help.

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  • Doesn’t make much sense does it?

    Maybe try uploading a new copy of wp-includes/formatting.php (the file containing the function normalize_whitespace).

    Make sure to use ASCII file transfer mode when uploading.

    Might also check your log files to see if any errors are report or ask your host if they have any input, if the problem persists.

    Also this:

    Turn PHP debugging on and check the log file:
    add this to .htaccess

    # supress php errors
    php_flag display_startup_errors off
    php_flag display_errors off
    php_flag html_errors off
    php_flag log_errors on
    php_value error_log /tmp/wordpress_errors.log

    (or whatever log file location you want)


    Looking at the formatting.php file that comes with the 2.7 download it is very different from 2.6, which doesn’t have normalize_whitespace() anywhere in it.

    So I think the problem comes from the Automatic Update plugin. Did it not replace that file? Might there be a better way to find the log for the update and I’ll try to let the developer know that this happened.

    I wonder if there isn’t a better way to know when and if certain files are not replaced or overwritten.

    Anyway…thanks so much. Really happy to not have to turn on debugging.

    Deactivate and delete the Automatic Update Plugin as 2.7 has the ability built-in.

    Ah! Thanks.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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