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  • consolas


    For example, in the Customizer, when I go to Layouts – Globaal I get there but cannot open the items from that menu. The mouse arrow becomes the pointing finger, but I cannot open the entries below.

    Site layout
    Globale site layout selecteren.
    Site boxed/framed schaduw
    Site framed marge
    Site-inhoud layout
    Site-inhoud padding

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  • KristenMathiasen


    I get a similar fail. I can open settings menu but all menupoints are empty and I’m not able to change in header, layout, footer etc.

    Another problem from further ago is that WooCommerce templates are not updated. Is this theme closing on us?



    When I try to open header setting it says Layout Fullwidth – Contained and Full Width will not fit browser width because you’ve selected Site Layout as Boxed or Framed. Any idea to overcome this issue?



    @sabin977: You need to adjust in both of these menus in settings:
    Layouts – Global: Set all to full width
    Layouts – Sites sitehead (I think it’s called in english): Set Layout to Fullwidth

    Hope it works πŸ™‚



    I can see, that you often give advice in this theme, so….

    Do you have any idea about problems after updating til WP 5.5?

    Thank you in advance πŸ™‚


    Long Nguyen



    Please try to downgrade the WordPress core to v.5.4.2 to make the site works properly. We are trying to fix the issue and it will be released as soon as possible.

    Thanks for your patience.



    after i got downgrade i got error like this at bottom of my page:

    Sidebar Infos
    Type 6: Front Page
    Replace sidebars

    Type 6: Front Page
    Replacement for “footer-1”: -none-
    Replacement for “footer-2”: -none-
    Replacement for “footer-3”: -none-
    Replacement for “footer-4”: -none-
    Replacement for “footer-5”: -none-
    Replacement for “footer-6”: -none-
    Replacement for “sidebar-1”: -none-
    Replacement for “sidebar-2”: -none-
    Filter widgets
    Sidebar “sidebar-1”
    Widget “nav_menu-1”
    Sidebar “sidebar-2”
    Widget “recent-comments-4”
    Widget “archives-4”
    Widget “categories-4”
    Widget “meta-3”
    Sidebar “footer-1”
    Widget “media_image-1”
    Always show
    Widget “text-6”
    Always show
    Sidebar “footer-2”
    Widget “nav_menu-2”
    Always show
    Sidebar “footer-3”
    Widget “nav_menu-3”
    Sidebar “footer-4”
    Widget “text-7”
    Always show
    Sidebar “blog”
    Widget “search-2”
    Widget “recent-posts-2”
    Widget “categories-3”
    Widget “archives-3”
    Widget “text-5”
    Widget “recent-comments-3”

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    Yea, I have the same issue. Cannot change my headers or footers, with the options clickable but not usable.

    Glad to see the Developers are working towards a fix πŸ™‚



    Hello people

    Same with me and all titles disappeared from individual posts.
    I’m not fully qualified to know about it, but I fear that this problem may not be localized. My pagebuilder plugin is showing problems too, with no tabs and panels. And between yesterday and today I found a lot of websites missing images or titles or showing other visual problems as I was doing a lot of browsing for a reserach of mine (not related). Can it be a problem with the new wordpress?



    I has having the same issue too, but I am on GoDaddy Managed WordPress so rolling back was not an option. As a workaround I was told to install the plugin Enable jQuery Migrate Helper and I am able to see the customize menu in the theme settings now.

    Thread Starter consolas


    “Enable jQuery Migrate Helper” does fix for me too indeed.
    But i’ll wait ’till the developer does some magic, maybe it will be fixed without making use of that plugin.

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    Also having errors after updating to new WordPress. Most my issues seem gone when I disable the Pro plugin though?

    Hoping for a fast fix. πŸ™‚



    Hi @longnguyen

    it’s probably because WordPress uses a newer version of jQuery now

    Guys when you are going to have it fixed? I have issues on my website with the nav-bar, scroll-to-top button, missing favicon and more website
    When? Or what to do please advise!

    sticky menu donΒ΄t work too,
    mega menu donΒ΄t work too


    waitng for update customify pro
    thank you very much


    I updated latest version theme+Customify pro

    But here is problem with edit mega menu

    When i open edit i cant do nothing, and what did set is lost.. i cant edit nothing here πŸ™

    Where is problem, do you know about this issue?


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