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    Guess v2.6 is great, in this and that — but …

    It looks like now I have one serious problem with v2.6: that is, three of my recent posts cannot be edited (I wanted to correct some grammar, and rewrite some portions as well).

    With the 3 posts, all I get is a blank screen — no editing sections, no text, no tags, nothing!

    The 3 posts are still there, i.e., viewable at my blog (

    I have gone to the cpanel to “check” and even to “repair” the SQL database … The report: ok for all sections of the DB.

    Then, at WordPress’s “Site Admin”, I have tried deactivating all the plugins, deleting everything that are in the “wp-admin”, “wp-content” (after saving the plugins and themes) and “wp-includes” folders … then re-installing v2.6 (via FTP). No dice! Still could not edit those 3 posts.

    I have even tried “giving up” on v2.6 and going back to v2.5.1 … didn’t work! I ended up with ZERO blog! (Even after deleting all the three “wp” folders from v2.6 and reinstalling those three folders from v2.5.1 …

    Now, it looks like I am stuck with v2.6 … wondering what’s happening?

    Does anyone have the same problem — cannot edit any of your posts?

    I have read the WordPress Blog (some), but there’s just too much tech stuff, I am not into php and stuff at the moment. Anyway, my problem is probably something simple to fix! Does anyone have a clue?

    (Actually, I have used the UltraWeb Sucker to recover every posts and pages in my blog — it’s not an ideal solution, but at least I get back almost the whole shebang (html plus images), including the 3 uneditable posts. Who knows? Am thinking of chucking up the whole WordPress and trying some other blog system, vis-a-vis my domain name “” … But that’s an absolute last resort, as I kinda like WordPress and the “bookidea-11” theme I have chosen to use. Anyone think the problem has anything to do with the theme?)

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