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  • Resolved David Burkhart


    I cannot seem to ever delete any slides. I did not see this issue reported by anyone else. But, just in case, if anyone knows anything about such a problem, please respond.

    Everything else with this plugin appears to work wonderfully. But, whenever I try to delete a slide, I just see a spinning wheel for about 45 seconds. Then, it returns to normal – no message and no change.

    This plugin would delete slides when I first began to use it. But, it stopped deleting after two days. I tried deactivating all other plugins and deleting/reinstalling this plugin. Nothing helps. As a workaround, I’m able to change the unwanted slides to use different images and/or “unpublish” them to no longer appear in the slideshow. But, deleting and adding is much easier.

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  • After more testing, it appears that I also cannot delete any sliders.

    Plugin Support Gabor


    Hi @dlburkhart!

    I haven’t heard of this issue before, but if you have turned off all other plugins, there could be two problems related to this. The first one is, that an error could come from the theme too and the second one is, that there might be a server misconfiguration or limitation happening. Can you delete other datas on your website, like delete a WordPress post? If you used the same theme before the error started to happen, I think the problem rather will be a server caused problem, that your server host changed something, which often happens without users knowing about it.

    Please rather write to us in here, because probably we will need to do some deeper debugging:

    The website owner noticed a security warning about PHP being out-of-date. We are working to resolve this first. Then, I will check if it was causing the problem with your plugin. I will update this support thread with my findings.

    Would you happen to know the earliest version of PHP your plugin is known to work with?

    Plugin Support Ramona (from Nextend)


    Hi @dlburkhart

    Smart Slider 3 requires PHP 5.6.20 or greater from 3.3.22:

    The current release should work fine on 5.4, but I’d rather suggest setting the PHP on your server to a minimum of 5.6.20 or even PHP 7 to make it future-proof.

    The PHP version is currently 5.6.34. But, given the security vulnerability, I’m upgrading it to version 7. I hope that doesn’t open a big, ugly can of worms.

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