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  • I have 2 directories on my server that I cannot delete – they are both gallery directories with a couple photo files inside that were left over from 2 of the several photo gallery programs that I was trying out.

    I get and error 550 gallery not empty when I try to delete the gallery directories, and permission denied when I try to delete the files inside of the directories.

    I tried everything, CHmod, changing options under my FTP programs, etc.

    Does anyone have any other ideas ?

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  • I have had that problem before. I have had to use cPanel itself to delete the folders, because on occasion, the FTP program borks and won’t delete the folder. You have to use the tools available to you on the server itself to get this sorted.

    Frequently, the issue is that there are ‘hidden’ files still present in the directory. Try using your FTP program to ‘show hidden files’ (in Filezilla, it’s under ‘View’ in the menu).


    I used the server admin panel and still can’t delete them – looks like the server support dept is closed today so I’ll have to wait until Monday to call them.

    My ftp program is already set to view hidden files, and there are none on the server – but thanks for the suggestion.

    It looks like the problem files are assigned to user “apache” and not assigned to me for some reason – so it looks like I do not have permission to delete them.

    Not sure how that happened – I think I’ve narrowed the galleries down to 2 problem programs – singapore and minigal – both were nothing but headaches.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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