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  • I’m an admin on my friend’s website, and I wanted to clean up the list of plug-ins she has on her site (as a LOT of them are not being used). When I click the “delete” button on the plugins page, nothing happens. No errors, no redirects to another page, just nothing. It happens with plugins that I’ve installed with my account, and also plugins that the site owner installed with hers. I have my own self-hosted WP blog and have never had any issues deleting plugins. What on earth could be happening right now? I don’t have access to the FTP info for the site, so my only option is through the WP interface.

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  • Hi Kenner82

    Do you get the confirmation screen up that asks you to confirm that you want to “delete” the plugin you’ve chosen?


    If you don’t get the confirmation screen or anything, it could be something with the FTP settings on her host. Can you install plugins?

    I can absolutely install plugins, and I can activate/deactivate them without problems. I don’t get a confirmation page when I click “delete”. Nothing shows up, nothing happens at all. I thought maybe it was just REALLY slow at first, so I’d click delete and then leave for a while, but still nothing! (It doesn’t say anything is loading, no indication of any activity. It’s like I clicked on blank text, except that when I hover on it I can see the link).

    Hopefully you have access through phpMyAdmin – if so, try resetting the plugins folder:

    Then put it back and see if that fixes the problem.

    Are you running the latest version of WP? When did you notice this problem happening? Was it after an upgrade or after any recent changes to the site. Think back to the last time it worked and ask yourself what has changes since then?

    @ronmerk – I started working for this site in July, and have never been able to delete a plugin. I thought perhaps it was a permissions issue, but she made me a full admin a few months back, and nothing changed in regards to the plugin situation. We have the latest version of WP and all plugins.

    @wpyogi – The description says the instructions are for deactivating the plugins. I can deactivate and reactivate all plugins through WordPress, so will that really do anything different? If I got the FTP information from the site owner, would I just be able to delete the plugin folders by hand instead? Or will that cause some problems if I delete the source?

    If you have FTP access, just rename the directory on your server for the specific plugin and the plugin will go away. Once you know that getting rid of the plug-in doesn’t cause you any problems, you can go back and delete that directory. I use this technique all the time if I’m not 100% sure about getting rid of a plug-in. It’s a “better safe than sorry technique”

    The downside is that you may have some residual info in your database. The upside is the plug-in should be gone

    @kenner82 – Did you ever find a solution to your problem? I’m having the exact same issue.

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    The Lord helped me to find this article that pointed me in the right direction:

    It turned out to be the “SEO Facebook Comments” version 1.5 plugin by Fabio Zaffani.

    As soon as I deactivated this plugin, I was able to delete plugins again.

    Moderator kmessinger



    Maybe next time you have a problem the Lord will help you read

    @kenner82 i had the same problem.If you are using XAMPP or LAMP WAMP for self hosting on Windows ,check your files if they have Read Only permissions through windows explorer always (right click on files -> properties uncheck Read only).
    May be something you transferred to your friends administration has the same restrictions.
    It was a bad idea and i WOULDNT SUGGEST doing this .I was forced because i couldnt change file permissions with FTP . Throws an error on Xampp.Still trying to figure out how things work.
    Hope this helps someone! Cheers !

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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