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    I have been trying to import subscribers from a .csv into MailPoet (first MailPoet 3, then 2.) The .csv includes a field called “membership-status”. According to the Mailpoet documentation, I should be able to create a “custom field” to display and use this information.

    During the import process MailPoet recognizes the information as something unfamiliar. At the top of the column displaying the contents of this field, a drop-down displays, with the default option “Ignore field.” In MailPoet 3 I selected instead “Create custom field.” This opened a dialog with a set of options not mentioned in any documentation, including the selection of “field type” with such choices as text field, radio button, and checkbox.

    Whichever options I choose, when I select to import the .csv file the Subscriber page goes permanently blank. Refreshing the page did nothing; uninstalling, deleting and reinstalling MailPoet did nothing as well. The Subscriber page remained blank until I edited the database to remove all rows of MailPoet information.

    After a couple rounds of this in MailPoet 3, I tried MailPoet 2. The options were similar, though simpler. I was able to import the .csv file, but my custom field does not display anywhere.

    Any advice about how to use the Custom Field feature in any version of MailPoet would be appreciated. Before I spend a lot more time on this, it occurs to me to ask whether I will be able to do what I want at all. I would like to use the values in the custom field to create sublists. From one master subscriber list I’d like to pull smaller lists of subscribers with a certain value in the custom field. Though this is a standard feature of most email marketing applications, I am beginning to wonder if this is a feature Mailpoet provides. The documentation is quite unhelpful on this score.


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    Hi Jim @jimgasperini , answering your question:

    I will be able to do what I want at all. I would like to use the values in the custom field to create sublists.

    I’m afraid that’s not possible with MailPoet.

    Regarding not being able to create those custom fields on import, please try creating them before on the Form editor page. Then try to import.

    As for where to use them, please check this:

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