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  • Plugin seems to be setup fine. If I enter location information under “Add Locations” and click the ADD button it gives me a success message, then when I click Mange Locations tab it says “No locations have been created yet”. Am I missing a basic setting? I created the API key and the map displays on my page.

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    You don’t even need the API key. It has NOTHING to do with geocoding and ONLY helps if you have 25,000+ people/day looking at your map page.

    Bottom line, no there is no “special settings”. Try going to general settings/plugin environment and checking “debug mode”. See if there are any error messages in the gray debug boxes that appear.

    Here’s what appeared in the Mangage Locations after I tried adding a location. One gray box over the top of the locations area and one underneath.

    From /home/livesite/wp-content/plugins/store-locator-le/include/slp-adminui_managelocations_class.php at 631
    SELECT count(sl_id) FROM wp_store_locator : returns

    From /home/livesite/wp-content/plugins/store-locator-le/include/slp-adminui_managelocations_class.php at 669
    SELECT * FROM wp_store_locator ORDER BY sl_store ASC LIMIT 0,10

    By the way I had tried contacting somebody via the contact form on your website about the cost of installing pro/fixing this for me a few days ago but did not hear back.

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    The location is not being added. You are not seeing any errors when doing “add location”?

    I did not see the contact, guess I need to look in the spam folder. Support pricing is here:

    I just noticed this above the yellow box that says “…added successfully” after I try to add.:

    Could not set the latitude and/or longitude Error: Table ‘livesite.wp_store_locator’ doesn’t exist.

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    De-activate & re-activate the plugin. The table should be created on install. If you moved the site or did a non-standard install it may not create the table but it should create/update on every upgrade or install.

    Also on WPMU if you did not install SLP from the main dashboard for multisite then you will have issues.

    Deactivate/Reactivate did not work. I’m not running WPMU. Should I have my tech person try to create the missing table. Or, I plan on buying pro anyway, do you think that it may fix the problem if I upgrade/install pro, or get the free version working first.

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    Get the free working first.

    Pro Pack won’t work if you don’t get the base plugin working.

    Something is going on with your MySQL permissions if the table cannot be created…. unless I really buggered something up pretty badly in the past release, but a clean install on clean wordpress and clean CentOS 6.3 didn’t show any problems with 3.8.18/19 testing.

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