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[Resolved] Cannot connect to /wp-admin

  • Sup guys. I’m having a seriously annoying problem here. Whenever I try to log-in to my website (rp-nations.co.uk/wp-admin) it simply will not connect. However, other people CAN connect to it, and I can also connect to the /wp-admin of their sites. Furthermore, I tried to connect to my /wp-admin on my phone, using both WiFi and my mobile network, both of which work. I have tried Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. What is going on here? I have tried looking for solutions, but nothing is working.

    Thanks in advance,


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  • So nobody else is having this issue? Nobody at all? :s

    Your front page renders a blank page, and your /wp-login.php has no style sheet associated with it. The directory holding the style sheets is returning 403 “forbidden” errors.

    If you visit rp-nations.co.uk/readme.html and look at your server responses, you will also see 403 “forbidden” errors on the /wp-admin/images directory.

    When I visit /wp-content/themes/twentyeleven/style.css and /wp-content/themes/twentyfourteen/style.css, I get 404 errors “not found” – the browser thinks the theme files don’t exist.

    Based on that little bit of info, I would say you should start by exploring the possibility that

    A) you may be missing some files and

    B) you need to examine your file and directory ownership/permissions site-wide

    I get a login screen at rp-nations.co.uk/wp-admin. If others can and you can on your mobile, then this suggests an issue with your PC / Mac / whatever you are using, rather than a WordPress problem.

    @Ben Butterfield

    I get a login screen at rp-nations.co.uk/wp-admin

    So do I, However; the style sheet is not being applied, and the server responses for the /wp-admin/css directory are “403 Forbidden”.

    Is this your experience as well, or are you indicating that the wp-login page dialog box is centered in the browser viewport, and looks completely “normal” to you? – That could be important information in helping @magickjam find a solution. Also.. what do you get when you visit rp-nations.co.uk? Something other than a blank page?

    I see… so should I try to reacquire these files? Maybe a fresh install?

    Cheers by the way.

    Ahhhh, I believe it is working! Thank you so much, I checked the FTP and compared the directories with those from a freshly downloaded WordPress install, and noticed some files/folders were missing. I just copied those across, and voila! I hope it stays fixed, but I’m fine for now.

    Thanks again,


    You’re welcome. I thought it looked like there might be a file or two missing, glad it was a quick fix!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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