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  • Plugin Author advanpix


    We have just fixed the issue. File system on a server choked up with all the small-size files.

    Do you have any advice on a faster way to render the files? We migrated a site and it takes quite a while to rebuild some of these pages as there are multiple formulas.

    In the ql-cache folder, there are numberous .txt files, but it seems like there are only a handful of matching .png files?

    Also, best method to donate?

    Plugin Author advanpix


    WP-QuickLaTeX caches images locally on your server. So that, as soon as all images are generated (when first visitor opens the page, or pre-cached) – images will not be re-built in future.

    Then page loading speed will depends on your webserver and its optimizations – how fast it serves the static content (svg, png, etc.).

    To boost up page loading speed further, use cache plugins, like WP-SuperCache, Autoptimize and fast web-server like nginx.

    Donation links are on the right in the WP-QuickLaTeX admin page.

    For sure, I understand the caching and all – it’s just that on “first page load” it takes forever to initially generate. Until the generating is done, our page actually crashes. (it’s still generating since my post as I can see the ls-cache still building).

    Do we just have too many formulas on each page?

    Plugin Author advanpix


    Indeed, sounds like page has a lot of formulas.
    If you have access to previous hosting – you can just copy the ql-cache.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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