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  • Hi,
    I am getting an unreadable white message when I try to checkout on my woocommerce site. I have the regular theme installed with no pro features, and elementor.

    After typing the info, I get an error message at the top of the page that is unreadable for me. Unlike the regular error messages which are red for me, this one is white with white text. I have tried both the regular checkout layout as well as the multisite checkout layout, but it makes no difference.

    The class is woocommerce-error and I have tried searching how to change this color but I do not know css much and was unsuccessful. I have seen one message on this board suggesting the following, which I have tried, but it also has no effect

    ul.woocommerce-error {
        background-color: #13aff0;
    ul.woocommerce-error li:before {
        color: #b7e1ff;

    So currently I do not know why this is showing and how to fix it.
    I hope you can help! Thank you

    EDIT: I have just now tried changing the site background color from white to grey, and the error message box in question appears to have a transparent background with no text! It has a small X on the left side, inside the box, but it is not clickable. Very strange :S

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  • Hello, I also have a problem with the Woo-Check-out, but I tested everything and (at leasrt in my case) it seems to be a problem of Elementor. Maybe you should post your issue also on the elementor support page. Best regards Klaus

    Interesting, thanks for bringing that idea to my attention. Did disabling Elementor solve it for you?

    I should also note however that I have recently switched to OceanWP from Storefront, and I had no issues with Storefront and Elementor. So it seems there might be a compatibility issue between OceanWP and Elementor.

    I’ll also check with the folks in Elementor; in the mean time, I hope OceanWP can also chime in.


    Update: I just disabled Elementor and the problem persists.

    I dug deeper and learned that this is not a Theme issue but rather a compatibility issue between a plugin and Woocommerce. Disabling all nonrelevant plugins has solved the issue.


    Please share your site link. Also, send a screenshot so that I can check it.
    Can you please confirm, which plugin solved the issue after disabling?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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