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Cannot change URL

  • Hi there

    I know there is a lot of info on this site about changing the URL, but I cannot get it to work.

    I built my pages in the /wordpress folder, but now need to move them to the root directory so that my url shows the blog pages.

    I’ve tried all of these steps, numerous times:

    I’m using the latest version of WordPress. Even downloaded the plugin that claims to be able to change the url.

    Have changed the url names, moved the wordpress files into the root directory. Can get into the wp-admin area, but the website doesn’t come up. Nothing seems to work.

    Anyone got any other clues? Really appreciate any help, have spent hours on this & and it’s driving me nuts. My hosting company won’t help either. 🙁


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  • Can get into the wp-admin area, but the website doesn’t come up. Nothing seems to work.

    are you getting any error message? if yes, what is it?

    Hey, thanks for the reply.

    No error messages. But when I go to the site URL (ie without /wordpress) it comes up with a message from the hosting company – ‘domain name parked’ – which they tell me is because the wordpress index file isn’t setup correctly or in the right place.

    Does that make any sense? (sorry, quite new to this)

    Did you move all files and folders in root or just copy index.php file in root.

    If you just copied index.php file then you need to open index.php file in editor on line 17 you will require line in there you will add your folder name


    you need to add in between so you will have


    and save the file.

    I’ve tried both – moving all of the files & folders into root, and then just editing a copy of the index.php file.

    If it says domain name parked then did you change DNS where you registered your domain name.

    post your url will help see what you getting.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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