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  • Hello,
    I’d like to change my Post Author from an Administrator to a new user I’ve set up a custom Role with Members for. I think I’ve ticked all the capabilities for this new Role but my user isn’t appearing in the Author dropdown.

    The new user can enter new posts, I just can’t change posts to their name.


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  • Has anyone had any luck with fixing this? I’m running into the same issue.

    I love this plugin, but also have the same issue. The post author cannot be changed. I really wish there was a fix to this.

    I found a way around it. For the user that I want to change the author to, I temporarily changed their access to one of the original WP roles, such as Editor.
    Then I went to hte post and that user was available to select from the Author drop down.

    After that, I changed the user back to their customised Members role.

    Would be great if Members could add the change author capability to the plugin’s options for new roles.


    Thanks! That works perfectly!

    Same issue here, though I think the problem is with WordPress core. Opened up this ticket to resolve it

    I have the same issue!

    It is not just an issue for this plugin as I tested the ‘User Role Editor’ plugin which resulted in the same outcome.

    This might help anyone that doesn’t have success with Whatachamp’s solution on the first try.

    whatachamp’s solution worked perfect for my “coach” role, but not for my “sub-admin” role. All users with the role “sub-admin” would not show in the list even after I completed whatachamp’s solution.

    I finally found the cause of this was due to the User Level being set to 0. If I changed the User Level to any number between 1-10, whatachamp’s solution works. As a side note, once the User Level has been changed, any users created with the custom role thereafter will always show in the drop down list.

    I’m sure there are many different ways to change a role’s User Level, though I used this plugin to switch it: Capability Manager Enhanced

    Does anyone have a solution to change the user level that does not require a plugin?

    This sounds crazy.
    I’m experiencing this.
    I have two authors with the same custom role and exactly the same capabilities but, at this point, I, as admin, can only create or reassign a post by/to one of them.

    What gives?

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Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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