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  • Help PLEASE. At a loss, new site, but had one before (still, it was always touch/go with plugin management)- NOW it is BLOWN and I dont know why. Installed about 15 plugins, and now it is an empty database (but ftp and filemanager show 775 with all plugins in tact) HOWEVER, all of a sudden (was changing to writable at request of a plugin on themes folder_ and themes disappeared, honestly, from filemanager (nowhere near delete keys), and checked later @ ftp fileZilla and they were still gone, so uploaded ALL themes again, and the only 3 bare themes that hung on previously are there (this time Themes was capitalized, but it must be reading my plugin files from somewhere else, but checked and there is no other location for files beside wp-content/plugins and wp-content/Themes (used to be lower case)
    URL reads for plugins page as follows
    I checked though, and there are NO plugins in this folder!!
    Where is all this coming from? Anyone know. I am really trying to get this going for a class and so really dont want crashes (like last wordpress install), and besides, I was changing (without success, maybe due to this hanging plugins problem) for the backup (which said it wasn’t writable, but when I changed it, and it says it is changed to writable, just like it says plugins exist, it does not show up on the dashboard)….
    Ok, any help would help, already re-uploaded themes, and tried same with a few plugins, but makes no difference. Thanks.

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