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  • Same issue. Posting here so I can check back if/when an answer is posted. Response I receive when trying to authorise is, “Could not recognize the response from Twitter”

    Got the same issue. Many people has the same problem. The author doesn’t answer and unfortunately I don’t know a plugin that could substitute it. On this website I create the Twitter keys than I set them but it doesn’t work. Maybe the author should insert also the field “token”… Moreover, the menu “Username Twitter” doesn’t open. I’ve found a solution but on my website doesn’t work: Hopefully someone could find a solution soon…

    Guys, it does work. I had the same problem right now and this is how i solved it:

    1. Create the Twitter app
    2. Define a callback url in the app options
    3. Define the app as read and write
    4. Copy/paste the Consumer key and Consumer secret in the wordpress admin
    5. update/authorize and got it running nice again

    Hope that helps.

    Wish I could agree with you Kevin, but I had already done all that and still no luck!

    No Kevin does not work

    That’s weird, worked fine for me on a wordpress 3.5. There’s nothing special that i can remember doing to make it work outside of the list i already wrote.

    If you guys don’t find a solution with this plugin and got a bit of coding knowledge, try this:

    Your website is very interesting.
    I don’t know the coding stuff enough, or I wouldn’t have used a plugin… Unfortunately, I’d need a Twitter plugin similar to Twitter Widget Pro, so also with the Twitter avatar account visible. It seems that only Twitter Widget Pro has these functions. But since some months the support doesn’t work properly…

    Many people are in the same situation of urgent help..

    Kevin, why don’t you think to create a Twitter plugin yourself, in order to have a chance to have things fixed?…

    Thank you

    I suppose i could yes, but it’s quite some work and i’m in no position right now to dedicate such time to this plugin creation. True that the link i’ve posted above requires some coding knowledge and i can understand that for the “basic” wordpress users i can get hard or impossible to do.

    By saying the “Twitter avatar account” you mean the follow button? That can be added too. But once again with some coding.

    “Twitter account avatar” is the photo that I have on twitter. I hope that you will do a step to step guide with “avatar” ;o)

    I didn’t think Kevin’s steps helped me either, but then I double-checked, and it totally worked. The main thing I had skipped was to hit update (at the bottom) after I completed ALL the Twitter API fields, and then I could re-authorize it.

    Plugin Author Aaron D. Campbell


    The new version (2.6.0) fix an issue that affected a couple specific versions of PHP (there was a bug in PHP that I had to work around). This was affecting some people’s ability to auth. Please try it out.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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