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  • I’ve setup this plugin before, but this time it’s not working.

    I’ve setup the app, set the right call back url and website url, copied the API key + secret to the Consumer Key + secret in the plugin settings, but nothing shows up in the Authenticated Twitter accounts.

    What am I missing?

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  • anyone?
    This worked when the site was in a demo setup, but then moved to it’s live url, and now it’s broken. I’ve re-created a twitter app with the new url etc, even re-installed the plugin but no joy. Am running latest versions of everything.

    I;m getting exactly the same issue. What gives?

    when you created the application after saving the settings. There is a grey button with this text : Test OAuth click on it.

    When you click it, your consumer key and secret will show up. Copy paste them in the plug-in and authorize you twitter account.

    I have the same problem – I have tested OAuth – no problems with that. Get the following response from the plugin – “Could not recognize the response from Twitter”

    @darren – Did you use the consumer key and secret from the OAuth part?

    The API key and API secret are not the Consumer secret and Consumer key.

    Please let me know if its correct. Otherwise contact me.

    Hi – yes i have the API Key & API secret are in place and the same details work with other plugin’s without fail. Just not able to work with this plugin. It used to, however i had to change servers and reinstall everything and since moving to the new server the plugin will not authenticate.


    In my opinion the cloud not be the problem. please add me on twitter @nickbrugman and send me a DM.

    Also i have removed and regenerated the keys and still seeing the problem.

    Nick i have added you @Seek_Real_Truth

    UPDATE : Set your permissions on : READ AND WRITE

    I’m stuck on this, too. I went through all the steps, and I get a message that says I have to authorize my twitter accounts. I was also getting the “Could not recognize the response from Twitter”message, but that’s disappeared after I clicked “Clear Update Locks” on a whim. I cannot go back and change my twitter application to try again. I did not put anything in the URL callbacks box because at the time I didn’t know what I was supposed to put there and it wasn’t required (but maybe it actually was?).

    Help? I’m in an endless loop.


    Check the you have the correct detail in your callback URL – this was the problem i had and that is what broke the plugin. The callback URL should be

    hope this helps


    thaks darren, it was a good help !

    Having the same problem, all solutions above did not help. Someone has another tip?

    Hi there, i had the same issue, however changing the permissions to read and write fixed the problem, as mentioned by NBrugman

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