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  • Hello-

    After installing and filling in my Pardot user information I am getting an error “Cannot authenticate. Please check the fields below and click “Save Settings” again.” I triple checked my password and my user key and they seem to be correct so not sure what the issue is?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Cliff Seal


    Got it, @rmaner. Support should reach out to us internally if they can’t help you solve it and we’ll follow up as needed.

    We are facing the same issue as @rmaner and after contacting Pardot Support we have confirmed server settings and website settings are as they should be. The support is not mentioning that it must be a server issue but we have tried on 2 different servers on 3 different websites… Was @rmaner able to solve her issue? Was it an account setting issue? Please assist and thank you.

    Plugin Author Barry


    Hi @hanlonwebdevs,

    I’m unsure if @rmaner got to the bottom of this or not, but in your case if you are positive everything is configured correctly and if you have followed all steps recommended by Pardot Support – but are still experiencing difficulties – we are going to need to gather more information.

    Here is what I recommend:

    1. Install and activate Log HTTP Requests (a free debug plugin)
      • Visit the Pardot Settings screen, try to authenticate
      • Now visit the Log HTTP Requests screen (found in the Settings menu)
      • Look for entries with a URL something like
      • Click on it and a window should appear showing the request arguments and the HTTP response

    Important! The information I am asking for will contain sensitive details including your password and user key. These should not be shared openly here, in a public forum.

    Instead, please copy and paste all of the Request Args and HTTP Response data (copying and pasting is better in this case than taking a screenshot) and share with us privately, via email:

    support [at] theeventscalendar [dot] com

    Please add “Pardot Support” at the start of the email subject line to ensure it is routed to the correct team members.


    We also had to create a Pardot only user and then in the plugin place in the new email, password, and key.

    We had not updated the key. After updating the key we were able to successfully authenticate!

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    Plugin Author Barry


    OK, so you’re all set? Happy to hear it if so 🙂

    I’m also having this exact same problem.

    Went through the steps @barryhughes described, and this is what I’m getting in the logs:

      "headers": {},
      "body": "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?>\n<rsp stat=\"fail\" version=\"1.0\">\n   <err code=\"1\">Invalid API key or user key</err>\n</rsp>\n",
      "response": {
        "code": 200,
        "message": "OK"
      "cookies": [
          "name": "pardot",
          "value": "REMOVED FOR SECURITY",
          "expires": null,
          "path": "/",
          "domain": ""
      "filename": null,
      "http_response": {
        "data": null,
        "headers": null,
        "status": null

    I’ve checked, double and triple checked the details, they are all correct and they just stopped working on 3 different sites using the same details.

    Any tips?

    Plugin Support Andras Guseo


    Hi @lmartins,

    Thanks for reaching out to us!
    We are digging in deeper with the info you gave us and we’ll get back as soon as possible. Hang in there!

    Thanks and cheers,

Viewing 7 replies - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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