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  • I’ve just upgraded to 2.6.1 and I’m now unable to write new posts or edit existing posts (including drafts). Pages aren’t similarly affected.

    When I click on a link to edit a post, or write a new one, the page begins to load and the browser shows the title of the edit page (“[Blog Name] > Edit – WordPress”) but the page is blank and the status bar constantly says “Waiting for [web address]…” without ever loading.

    This happens with FF3 and IE7. I’ve disabled all plugins, I have 3 categories and 25 tags. I’ve tried switching between the visual and basic editors with no effect.

    Any idea why this might be happening? I’ve found many threads with similar problems but none exactly like this and no solutions I’ve found work for me..

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  • I have a similar problem although slightly different.

    I am running WordPress on a Windows server.
    It was all running fine and I have not upgraded or done anything however yesterday I edited an existing post and then when I try to load any page where that post would appear (home page or relevant category) all preceeding posts would appear but the one I edited would only show the Title and the Wordress would just loop until it times out.

    I tracked down the post that was causing the problem and copied it to a new post and saved it as a draft, then deleted the original post. Everything was fine again.

    Now if I try to add a new post, even one that just says “test” the same thing happens again! Any category that does not have the new post in it still loads fine.

    Please help!

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