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  • When adding a new page to the menu, it shows up in the admin section but when you click the “Save Menu” button, it’s gone. If I delete one of the other menu items and then add a new one, it will save. It seems as if something is limiting the number of menu entries. Any ideas? Thanks.

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  • I just noticed that when you add a “page” to the menu and then click “Save Menu” it converts it to a Custom instead of a page link. I disabled all of my plugins, upgraded WP to the latest version and it still does this. I can now add new items to the menu but for some odd reason it converts them to Custom when saved.

    Try and switch to default theme see if is theme related problem

    Just tried that and it still does the same thing. Also odd is that I named a Custom Menu item as “TEST” and when it appeared at the bottom of the queue on the right it was named “Menu Item”. Click “Save Menu” and (if it’s a custom menu item) is disappears altogether. Page menu items do appear in the menu though but they convert to custom items. Very strange!

    You said that you deactivated all plugins are they still deactivated.

    if so then only thing you can do is to using ftp replace all files and folders except wp-content folder and wp-config.php file and see if solves the problem.

    I guess I’ll have to replace everything via FTP. Even with the default theme and all plug-ins deactivated, it didn’t help. Thanks.

    I replaced everything but the same problem still exists.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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